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In today’s visual-driven marketplace, video content has become a crucial tool for standing out on Amazon. Recent data reveals that sponsored video ads on Amazon can generate an impressive 106% increase in sales for advertisers. Despite this potential, many sellers are not fully utilizing the various video placement options available to them. By understanding and maximizing product visibility through video placement opportunities on Amazon, brands can implement innovative strategies to captivate and convert shoppers.

In this guide, we will delve into the untapped potential of video and provide insights on how to effectively incorporate it for greater exposure and improved conversions on Amazon. So, let’s begin!

Maximizing Product Visibility On Amazon

Maximizing Amazon Product Visibility

Amazon has introduced exciting new opportunities for sellers to leverage video content and enhance their product listings. 

Premium A+ Content Video Slider

With Premium A+ Content Video Slider, sellers can now showcase up to six short videos that cover key product features, ingredients/materials, quality close-ups, unboxing experiences, product comparisons, and social proof. This dynamic carousel-style format condenses ample information into one module, providing a visually engaging experience for shoppers.

Top of Search Video Ads

Another powerful placement option is the Top of Search Video Ads, which appear at the very top of search results. These full-width auto-play video ads immediately grab shoppers’ attention, especially on mobile devices, and direct them to your Amazon Store for extended exposure to your brand catalog. Although early access to this placement requires enrollment in Amazon Brand Registry and ownership of an Amazon Store, future expansion is expected.

Product Page Video Ads

Let’s talk about video ads on product pages. Amazon has introduced new opportunities for video ads on product detail pages, which are highly sought-after spots for advertising.

There are two options available:

  • Sponsored Brand Video Ads: These are auto-play video ads that appear within specific categories and direct customers to your store, similar to the search ads mentioned earlier.
  • Sponsored Display Video Ads: These video ads can target any product pages, even beyond your own, and redirect customers to external sites outside of Amazon. This allows for retargeting of past site visitors using video across the web.

Product pages receive significantly more monthly views compared to search results, making them a valuable platform for video ads. Therefore, expanding the use of video ads on product pages can greatly enhance their impact on sales.

Video in Customer Questions & Answers

You can add videos to the Customer Questions & Answers section of your listing. Instead of just text, use recorded videos to show solutions visually. Make short videos (1-2 minutes) for common questions about setup, sizing, ingredients, and more. Moreover, adding these videos helps customers and makes your listing more helpful. You can buy video creation services or sponsor user-generated videos to get different perspectives. The more videos you have, the more trustworthy your advice is to shoppers.

Amazon Live Streaming 

Amazon Live Streaming is a feature that allows sellers to connect with their audience in real-time through video streams. It provides a unique opportunity to showcase products, engage with potential customers, and build brand awareness. Thus, by sponsoring live shows that align with your brand and incentivizing hosts to highlight your goods, you can reach a wider audience and create an interactive experience for viewers.

External Retargeting 

External retargeting  involves targeting past website visitors with video ads on platforms like Facebook and Google. This strategy allows sellers to remind potential customers of their initial interest in the products, keeping the brand top of mind and increasing the likelihood of repeat purchases. Hence, by utilizing video ads in retargeting campaigns, sellers can deliver engaging and visually compelling content that reinforces the value of their products and encourages customers to take action.

Leveraging video placements on Amazon is essential for maximizing product visibility and driving sales. By utilizing the various video options available, sellers can captivate shoppers and provide a visually engaging experience. These options all offer unique opportunities to showcase products, educate customers, and build brand awareness. Furthermore, incorporating video into your Amazon strategy allows you to stand out in the visual-driven marketplace and effectively communicate the value of your products. So, don’t miss out on the untapped potential of video placements and start maximizing your Amazon product visibility today.

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