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If you want to drive external traffic to your Amazon listings as a way to boost your keyword rankings, increase your daily sales velocity, and scale up your business, then keep reading. We’re covering the top external linking strategies for Amazon sellers to rank and increase sales.

What You Will Learn – External linking strategies that help Amazon sellers rank and increase sales

From this article, you’ll learn the best ways to send external traffic to your Amazon listings and how to use external linking strategies like keyword-rich links to help you rank higher for multiple specific keywords and increase your sales. 

Quick Introduction

Real quick, if you don’t know me, my name is Ian Smith with Evolve Media Agency. We’re an Amazon marketing agency that helps sellers boost the conversion rate of their listings, rank higher, get more reviews, and increase PPC performance. We can provide sellers with their Amazon customer data like names, mailing addresses, emails, and phone numbers, and we can help sellers bring in new customers through off Amazon marketing strategies to increase their sales. So if you need help scaling your Amazon business, book a free consulting call with me. 

So now let’s go over the most effective external linking strategies that help sellers rank and increase sales...

External Linking Strategies That Help Amazon Sellers Rank And Increase Sales

These Super URLs or ‘deep links’ actually open up the Amazon app for all mobile shoppers, and other links will even allow you to skip over your Amazon listing page—putting shoppers right on your Add to Cart page. These strategies greatly improve the buying experience for customers and can prevent shoppers from seeing competing products on your listing.

When it comes to driving external traffic to Amazon, you need to be using a tool called You can actually save 10% on this software by using the promo code SAVE10. I want to specifically highlight just four link types I like to use the most for our Amazon clients. 

  1. Supreme URL 3.0
  2. Canonical URL
  3. Add to Cart URL
  4. Add to Cart button

Again, this tool is such a must-have because whenever someone clicks on this URL—whether it’s coming from a Google Search Ad, from an email that you send out, or from a blog landing page they stumble across—it’s going to ‘deep link’ them straight to the Amazon app.

That means if they’re shopping on their phone, it’s going to open the app which is going to greatly increase their chance of converting because it’s a better user experience. They will already be logged in. Otherwise, they’re going to be on some random browser where they need to remember their login. Nobody remembers their login. 

Now let’s deep dive into deep external linking strategies that help our Amazon sellers rank higher and boost their sales…

Supreme URL 3.0

The Supreme URL 3.0 link is going to give you extra keyword ranking juice, and it’s unbelievably easy to set up. You can choose multiple different keywords to rotate through…like 10 keyword-rich links.

Keep in mind, you never want to target only one keyword phrase with a super URL, because that’s going to raise some red flags for Amazon. You want to diversify your link targeting when using hidden keyword links. There are a few considerations when creating these links so make sure to watch my video above for the specific link settings you need to choose when creating your links in 

Before you go on to creating your next link, make sure you also create either a ‘sequential’ or ‘random’ Rotator link from those multiple Supreme 3.0 links. With the single click of a button, Pixelfy will offer to create a single link for you that automatically rotates through all of those 10 keyword links so you don’t have to use multiple links to target all of your keywords. 

Now back to more external linking strategies that help sellers rank and increase sales...

Canonical URL – The Final External Linking Strategies That Help Amazon Sellers Rank And Increase Sales

The second link you need to be testing in your Amazon linking and keyword strategy is Pixelfy’s Canonical URL. This super URL is going to help you rank higher in Google and it’s going to prioritize your listing in Google search results when someone searches Google for a product like yours. The link setup is very similar to the Supreme 3.0 URL but using this URL a longer term SEO strategy to help you rank for off Amazon searches. 

These last two links are going to involve landing pages. If you already have a website or landing page, great! You can skip the next two paragraphs or keep reading to get some optimization tips.

(Now a quick detour from external linking strategies that help sellers rank and increase sales)

Wait. You Need A Bridge Page!

Driving traffic to landing pages before your Amazon listing is an effective way to warm up your potential customers without having the exposure of your competitors’ products on your listing. On your ‘bridge page,’ you wouldn’t have the related product section so there’s less concern over losing your customers to another listing. 

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External Landing Pages Are More Effective – More External Linking Strategies That Help Sellers Rank And Increase Sales

Driving traffic to landing pages first also gives you the opportunity to include content that is against Amazon’s terms of service. For example you can feature a ton of social proof images, you know, people holding up your product. You can have social proof videos or testimonial-style videos on your landing page which is hard to do on Amazon. Or capture emails using a pop-up and give visitors an incentive like a discount, the opportunity to enter and win a prize, or email them a helpful digital download product that relates to the product you’re trying to sell them. Also consider adding a pixel tracking code to your landing page for retargeting purposes, which helps you stay top of mind on social media sites and Google.

Sidenote: There are a few different landing page builders that Amazon sellers can use to build their bridge pages. They vary in price and features but any of them will get the job done. (I promise this plays into Super URLs and I’ll connect the two in a few minutes)  

Landing Page Builders for Amazon Sellers

ClickFunnelsMy favorite page builder and the most expensive one is ClickFunnels. I use ClickFunnels for my own business. They integrate with a lot of different email platforms and it’s very easy to build pages, but they’re the most expensive option I’m sharing in this article—at around one-hundred dollars a month which is still their cheapest plan. 

LeadpagesThe second option which is a little less expensive than ClickFunnels is Leadpages. Their cheapest plan is fifty dollars per month. This is a solid landing page builder and it’s pretty easy to build pages. It has a lot of integrations as well, so I would probably recommend Leadpages the most. 

A Couple of Lower Cost Page Builders

Wix If you don’t even want to pay fifty dollars per month, then you can go with a Wix site (and you probably already know about Wix). You can build a very basic landing page showing pictures of your product with some sales copy and buttons. 

CarrdEven cheaper than Wix is a landing page builder called Carrd, which is only twenty dollars per YEAR. Carrd is a very basic, very limited but it may be all you need. 

So, how does a landing page builder play into these Add to Cart super URLs? Let’s get into it. 

If you’re going to use either of these two Add to Cart links using, you need to make it very clear on your landing page that users need to buy your product on Amazon. That means your landing page needs to say ‘Buy now on Amazon’ everywhere including in hyperlinks and call to action buttons. Make it very clear that this is an Amazon product. 

If you don’t make it clear that they can only buy on Amazon, you might be driving unqualified traffic to your listing which can hurt your conversion rate. Surprisingly, some people don’t shop on Amazon. 

Add to Cart Button

If you use Pixelfy’s Add to Cart button on your landing page, it’s going to generate a stylized javascript button that you can embed on your landing page.  

Add to Cart URL

The difference between Pixelfy’s Add to Cart URL and Add to Cart Button is that the URL is simply a link that you can either hyperlink on your landing page or email, or use as a button link with your own custom button. 

The similarity between these two super URLs is that, when clicked, they’re going to bring shoppers to the Amazon app so they land in the shopping cart showing only your product, the price, and an Add to Cart button. 

Don’t Let Your Customers Get Distracted By Competitors

With these super URLs, you’ve successfully bypassed your listing page because you already presold them on your landing page. But that also means they weren’t bombarded with a ton of related products from competitors which many times will lose you the sale. You don’t want them to get distracted by other products so this is going to help you convert shoppers and make the process a little easier and quicker for them.

A little bonus when it comes to using these links, is that with enough purchases, you will increase your probability of earning the Amazon Choice badge and increasing your organic sales so that’s really cool.

External Traffic Sources That Help Amazon Sellers Scale Their Business

Next, I want to touch on a couple of traffic sources that you Amazon sellers need to consider for external linking strategies that help them rank and increase sales.

Email Marketing

The first traffic source I think every Amazon seller should be putting time, money, and energy into is email marketing. To do this in a cost effective way that will help you grow your Amazon business faster involves emailing your past Amazon customers. 

We actually have the ability to connect to your Amazon account and export the names and mailing addresses of your past customers from the past three months. Then using that information, we can capture their email addresses and phone numbers so you can email them and send them SMS text messages. 

Offer or No Offer?

I recommend giving them some kind of deal or incentive to buy from that email and become a repeat customer. You want to create a good relationship with them off Amazon, give them valuable information on a regular basis, and get them looking forward to seeing your future emails. 

If you want to learn more about getting your past Amazon customer data, reach out to me by going to Book a call with me so we can talk about how you can optimize on Amazon and get a solid marketing strategy turned on.

Google Ads

Google Search ads are going to be a great traffic source for Amazon sellers because users are actively typing in keywords relating to your products, so their chances of buying is very high. They’re literally searching for what it is that you offer. 

You can either link them to your ‘bridge’ landing page or you can link them straight to your Amazon listing using one of these fancy links that I just told you about. 

TikTok Ads

I also recommend that you check out TikTok Ads, because it’s really an up and coming platform that’s growing very fast and has a huge consumer-minded audience. Unfortunately Facebook and Instagram seem to be dying out and not performing very well, so I highly recommend getting TikTok Videos created.

If you need help with creating this content or managing these ad accounts to get more external traffic to your Amazon listings, my team and I would love to help you out. Click here to book a free consulting call.

Organic Traffic

The last traffic source I have to tell you about is an organic traffic source. Literally posting organic content on platforms like TikTok and YouTube consistently will result in free traffic over time which will really help you scale up your business. It’s a long term game, a long term play, and it does take a good amount of time to build up and create this content. But you can use the same content on all platforms including on Amazon (your listing and Amazon Posts).

Thanks for taking the time to read about these external keyword linking strategies that give Amazon sellers a competitive edge and higher rankings.