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Amazon sellers have two options when it comes to creating enhanced content on product listings – Basic A+ Content or the upgraded Premium version. In this article, we will delve into the world of Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) and explore how you can maximize its potential for the enhancement of your Amazon listings.

EBC offers an array of options to elevate your product descriptions, from utilizing Amazon’s listing templates to incorporating visually rich content such as images and lifestyle imagery. So, if you’re ready to take your Amazon listings to the next level and drive more traffic and sales, keep reading to discover the power of EBC.

What is Enhanced Brand Content (EBC)?

Enhanced Brand Content, also known as A+ Content, is a powerful feature available on Amazon Seller Central. It enables sellers to create captivating and interactive content modules directly on the product detail page. These modules can include a variety of elements such as images, videos, custom graphics, and comparison charts, all designed to enhance the customer’s shopping experience. The primary objectives of EBC are to educate customers, establish brand authority and trust, improve conversion rates, and ultimately drive more sales. When utilized effectively, A+ Content has the potential to make a significant impact on product listings, helping sellers stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Amazon Listings Enhancement: Basic vs Premium A+ Content

Amazon Listings Enhancement

There are two “flavors” of Amazon EBC available – Basic A+ Content, and the upgraded Premium version. While they share similarities, there are notable differences:

Image Sizes & Space Allowance

In Basic A+ Content, the image size is limited to around 900 to 1000 pixels wide, providing a decent amount of space for visuals. However, in Premium A+ Content, the image size expands significantly to approximately 1600 pixels wide. This larger image size allows for more detailed and visually appealing graphics. Additionally, Premium A+ Content provides a wider space allowance overall. This allows for more flexibility in displaying information, creating a more immersive and engaging experience for customers.

Modules & Features

Basic A+ Content offers 5 modules for showcasing text and images, including product descriptions and additional images. In contrast, Basic A+ Content provides 7 modules with advanced features like interactive hover hotspots, multiple video modules, enhanced comparison charts, and a Q&A module. Premium A+ Content also allows for navigation carousels, creating an interactive browsing experience. These additional modules and features give sellers more opportunities to engage buyers and increase conversion rates.

Access to Premium Brand Story on Amazon

Basic A+ Content does not include the Premium Brand Story option, limiting the ability to tell a comprehensive brand narrative across multiple products. However, with Premium A+ Content, sellers have the advantage of utilizing the Premium Brand Story feature. This allows them to showcase their brand’s story and values consistently across all their brand-registered products on Amazon. This feature enhances brand identity and helps build customer loyalty by providing a cohesive and engaging brand experience. 

EBC Enhancement Tips for Your Amazon Listings

If you’re looking to get started with enhanced content, here are some best enhancement tips to set your Amazon listings up for success:

Focus on Education & Storytelling

When utilizing Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), it is important to prioritize education and storytelling over purely sales-focused content. Amazon shoppers value informative content that helps them make informed decisions. Therefore, leverage EBC as a platform to establish authority and address buyer concerns, rather than solely highlighting product features. By providing valuable information and engaging storytelling, you can build trust and connect with potential customers on a deeper level.

Spotlight Your Range of Products

To enhance the perceived breadth of your brand’s selection, shift the focus from individual products to showcasing your entire catalog. Utilize features such as the brand story module or comparison chart module to connect the dots and highlight the range of products you offer. By presenting a cohesive narrative and demonstrating the variety within your brand, you can capture the attention of customers and emphasize the breadth of your offerings.

Optimize Keyword Integration

It is crucial to strategically incorporate relevant keywords when optimizing your enhanced content. Collaborate with your designer or copywriter to identify keywords that can be seamlessly integrated into the content. Ensure that the chosen terms align naturally with the overall narrative and purpose of the enhanced content. By thoughtfully incorporating keywords, you can improve the visibility and discoverability of your content on Amazon.

Leverage Alt Text On All Images

Take advantage of the SEO potential offered by alt text for all the images in your Enhanced Brand Content (EBC). By adding unique alt text to each image, you can index hundreds of additional keywords. When designing your content, be intentional in maximizing this opportunity. Ensure that the alt text aligns with the image and includes relevant keywords to enhance discoverability and improve search engine optimization.

Balance Visuals with Actual Text

While visuals like images and videos are attention-grabbing, it’s important to maintain a balance by including an ample amount of textual content. Text content plays a crucial role in SEO indexing, so it’s essential to have a healthy ratio of copy within your modules. Instead of relying solely on visuals, ensure that you include sufficient actual text that targets relevant keywords. Remember that text outside of images is particularly critical for optimizing your content.

Consider Localization Expansion

When creating Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), it is important to consider the potential for localization expansion. After creating your EBC content, you can easily translate and adapt it for additional Amazon marketplaces beyond the US site. If you have plans to sell globally, it is advisable to incorporate this into your content creation strategy from the beginning. By doing so, you can save time and effort by having a plan in place to expand your content.

Test, Analyze Data, Refine

To ensure the success of your Amazon initiatives, it is crucial to tie your activities to measurable results. Create a comprehensive testing plan that includes the use of split testing tools. Before launching your campaign, capture baseline metrics such as sales velocity, conversion rate, and organic traffic impact. Continuously monitor and analyze these metrics throughout the campaign. By letting data guide your optimization efforts, you can refine your strategies and make informed decisions based on the insights gained from the data analysis. This data-driven approach will help you achieve better results and improve the overall performance of your Amazon initiatives.

Maximize Your Amazon Presence with EBC

EBC provides a valuable opportunity for sellers to elevate their Amazon listings and make a lasting impact. By tapping into the potential of EBC, you can captivate customers, optimize discoverability, and ultimately drive more sales on Amazon.

As you move forward with EBC, remember to lead with informative and engaging content, showcase your product range, integrate keywords strategically, leverage alt text, balance visual and textual elements, consider localization, and continuously test and refine based on data. With a thoughtful approach to optimization and enhancement, EBC gives you the power to share your brand narrative. It also helps connect with shoppers, stand out from the competition, and take your Amazon listings to new heights. The possibilities are truly endless when you make the most of everything EBC has to offer.

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