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Are you looking to use email marketing to build a stronger relationship with your customers? Blow up your next Amazon product launch, or leverage your list to scale your Amazon business? Then keep reading. In this blog post, I will go over seven super-effective email marketing strategies for Amazon sellers using Klaviyo, that will help you outgrow your competition.

I have broken this post into three sections to help you understand the process as a complete beginner; Email Acquisition, Email Deliverability, and Ongoing Emails.

Before we get into it, my name is Ian Smith, and I run an Amazon Marketing Agency called Evolve Media. 

What We Do At Evolve Media.

We help Amazon sellers optimize their Amazon listings with photos, videos, copywriting and get their listings converting as high as possible. This involves doing product photoshoots, video shoots, and overall marketing both on and off Amazon like running Email Marketing campaigns, Google Ad campaigns; getting Amazon data and Instagram user data, and marketing directly to potential customers. If any of that sounds appealing to you and you want to book a free consulting call with us, then head over to If you, however, just want to optimize your Amazon listing on your own, we’ve got a great Amazon listing checklist for you at We broke down all the different sections on an Amazon listing page and created different sales strategies for each section. It’s a checklist that you can check off as you implement the different sales strategies.

Alright, Let’s get into it.

Securing & Building Your Email List – Email Marketing Strategies for Amazon Sellers Using Klaviyo

Before we get into the email marketing strategies for Amazon sellers using Klaviyo. Let’s start with email acquisition. You have to get the emails first before you can send anything out. Right? If you don’t have any of your customers’ email addresses, you can acquire them in several ways. 

  1. Through The Amazon Customer Data Download Service:

If you already have an Amazon product listing and have sold to customers in the past, you can leverage our Amazon customer data download service to get the email addresses of your customers. We will help you export the last few months of your Amazon customer data, get their names and mailing addresses, and use that information to find their email addresses. Once you have these email addresses, you can begin to engage them. This form of email marketing is known as cold emailing since they didn’t opt-in to receive your email promotions. You have to do this safely and carefully; start small, and don’t send email blasts to more than 1,000 people at a go.

  1. Through Designated Landing Pages

Building your list in a warm way where your customers opt-in to receive your email promotions boosts your deliverability rate (we’ll talk about this soon). You can do this on the front end if you’re doing any off-Amazon marketing or using external traffic driving strategies. You first drive your customers to a landing page that has an email pop-up saying, “Hey, get 25% off your purchase by giving us your email, or enter to win this awesome giveaway by giving us your email, or get this free digital download by giving us your email.” If you got your email list through our Amazon data download service, you can cold email them a postcard, give them an offer, a free product, or promo code that drives them to your landing page for them to put in their name and email address, and opt-in for that special offer and your email list.

  1. Buying an Email List

What if you don’t have any past Amazon customers? And don’t want to drive external traffic through Google or TikTok Ads because it’s not in your budget? There is a third option where you simply buy an email list. There are two different ways that you can do this. One is by scrapping Instagram for emails. Here, we go on Instagram, find a page that is your competition or followed by lots of your potential customers, then scan the email addresses of the followers of that page. You can then cold-email them, tell them about your brand, deliver helpful content, or share your offers with them. And if you don’t like this, there are other options for buying email lists based on demographics, interests, etc.

Again, when you cold-email these people, don’t just go straight sales-driving. You can give them a promo code or something. Ideally, you want to send them blog-style emails and introduce them to your products nicely and casually. If you have a piece of content, like “3 ways to lose 50 pounds in three weeks”, you can post that content piece on a blog or landing page, and send out an email saying, “We just wrote this awesome blog, click here to read it.” When they’re on that landing page, you can get them “pixeled” with Google, Facebook, TikTok, or any other Ad platform. 

You then retarget them by running some ads on them down the road. There is also the usual approach of having an email pop-up that gives away some free digital download, or a promo code, that lets them opt-in to receive your emails. Warming up your email list helps when you launch a new product. You’re able to increase your sales massively and drive traffic to get people to buy when you need them to buy because you did the legwork in the past and warmed up your list.

Getting Your Email to Your Customer’s Inbox – Email Marketing Strategies for Amazon Sellers Using Klaviyov

What is the point of email marketing if it just goes to their junk folder? It’s completely pointless. You have to make sure you are avoiding the junk folder and landing in the inbox folder.

The first way you can do this is by warming up your domain with different email platforms, preferably Gmail, since it’s one of the biggest. What I do to warm up a domain name with Gmail is use this tool called Lemwarm. What it does is control all emails sent from my domain. When I send cold emails, this tool pulls it out of the junk or categories folder, puts it in the inbox folder, and labels it as important. As this happens, again and again, Google recognizes that my emails are not junk, which adds credibility to my domain name and improves my deliverability. Now, any email from my domain to Gmail will land directly in the inbox folder. It works great it’s incredible. You can learn more or sign-up for it here: I highly recommend it.

The next thing to do when using Klaviyo is to set up a dedicated domain. What you do here is create a subdomain. For example, I have right, I’m going to launch a subdomain, say What this does is, help the emails that I send out of Klaviyo avoid the junk folder and go straight to the inbox because I’m not using a shared domain. I’m using my own branded dedicated domain name.

One last way you can increase deliverability is to limit the number of links you put in an actual email body. You shouldn’t have more than three different links (URLs) in an email blast. These include the links at the bottom of your email and your social media account links. Only have one or two links in the actual body of the email if you want to avoid the junk folder.

Now, to the top seven (7) email marketing strategies for Amazon sellers using Klaviyo!

7 Super-Effective Email Marketing Strategies For Amazon Sellers Using Klaviyo

  1. Keep it Going:

Rule of thumb: “When it comes to ongoing emails, just focus on the ongoing part!” Don’t send out emails once a month. That’s not ongoing. You need to be sending one out every two or three days. It needs to be a natural, ongoing thing. Create a welcome flow as emails get added to your list. Set up an email sequence and mix it up sometimes, but keep emails going out regularly. Over time, find out which users are not opening your emails at all, and clean them from your list. Cleaning your list regularly helps your deliverability.

When it comes to the welcome flow and the ongoing sequence, you can do offers, blogs, stories, etc. I recommend using stories because people love stories. This is why Hollywood makes millions of dollars. You can write the full story in your email or provide a link to a landing page where you have the full story. If you do the landing page, you want to have a “pixel” on that page. 

Now, your email can either be the HTML-type email, which has images, buttons, and graphics, or the plaintext-type email. Plaintext-type emails have higher open and click rates than HTML-type emails. This is because these HTML-type emails are usually more likely to end in the junk folder or the categories folder. If you’re not sure which to go for, split test between HTML and plaintext-type emails, examine your open and click rates, and make an informed decision.

  1. Go Easy On Your Offers

When pitching your products, don’t be quick to give out a coupon, an offer, or a discount. Talk about the features and benefits of your products more. Talk about customer testimonials and success stories. These options are a great warmup for when you hit them with an offer. Maybe when it’s Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or Christmas or Black Friday, then they will act on it because they’ve been warmed up. When doing these warm-up types of emails, always be price anchoring; tell them this is the price of this product. So that when you do hit them with an offer, they can assess its worth and act on it. Usually, this works best with consumable products that people buy repeatedly. So if you don’t have a consumable type of product, I would say go wide with your product line. 

  1. Ask For Reviews

When you’re emailing your past Amazon customers, I always recommend asking for a review. Don’t just say, “Hey, can you give us a review?” Be special about it, endear them, tell them the brand story, and why reviews matter so much to you as a small Amazon business owner. However, be sure not to use incentives to acquire reviews. It is not against Terms of Service (ToS) to ask for reviews, but it is against ToS to incentivize reviews. 

  1. Use Third-Party Tools

When linking from an email to your Amazon listing page, I highly recommend you use This tool allows you to create all different types of links. It can be a deep link that opens the Amazon app directly when a user clicks it on their smartphone. It can be a link to add a product straight to the cart. This is especially effective when you want to avoid competition and related products. It can also be a link that helps you rank higher on Google, a canonical URL. Overall, I would say use the supreme 3.0 URL in pixelfy. It’s a great tool to link from off Amazon to your Amazon listing page. Save a 10% membership fee on this tool by using the promo code ‘SAVE10’.

  1. Use the Double-Tap Strategy

When running special offers or doing a non-sequence type of email, I highly recommend using the double-tap strategy. Essentially, you’re going to send out an email newsletter blast and wait for about 24 hours. If after 24 hours you have people who haven’t opened it, change the subject line slightly, duplicate the email and send it to all those people again. Usually, you want to create a segment for those who haven’t opened after 24 hours before sending out the second mail. I guarantee your open and click rate will be higher than the first email.

  1. Be Creative With Your Emails

Your creativity is crucial to making the most money in email marketing. I can’t emphasize this enough. You need to be creative with your subject line and the topic discussed in the email. You want to endear people and build a relationship with your customers. So that when you do that next product launch, that special offer, or when you want to get them to buy something from you, they do it. Aim at building a warm and engaged audience that acts when you ask them to.

  1. Set Your Expectations Rightly

The last of the email marketing strategies for Amazon sellers using Klaviyo on my list is, set expectations accurately. It’s easier to want to sell and sell, over-promise, and make the product seem cooler than it may be. But that’s not going to help. In the end, your customers get your product and are not happy with it or underwhelmed by it. Additionally, this increases your return rate and bad reviews. You now have a customer who won’t buy again from you. Be accurate, correct, and close to real life as possible with your photos, videos, and success stories. Honesty is the best policy, and transparency will always beat over-inflated fakeness.

Right, I hope these email marketing strategies for Amazon sellers using Klaviyo helps you move your Amazon email product marketing to the next level. Thank you so much for reading through to the end. If you did get value, book a free call with us at or get our free Amazon listing checklist by going to