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Converting high on your Amazon listing boils down to how well you know the Amazon ecosystem. Strategies (dos and don’ts) that help you convert high come from your understanding of Amazon marketing strategies. In this blog post, I’ll help you understand seven (7) mistakes to avoid altogether in your Amazon Listing if you want to increase your conversion rate in 2022.

Before we get to them, if you’ve just chanced on my blog, my name is Ian Smith, and I run an Amazon Marketing Agency called Evolve Media.

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We help Amazon sellers optimize their Amazon listings with photos, videos, copywriting and get their listings converting as high as possible. We do product photoshoots, video shoots, and overall marketing both on and off Amazon; running Email Marketing campaigns, Google Ad campaigns, getting Amazon data and Instagram user data, and then marketing directly to potential customers. If any of that sounds appealing to you and you want to book a free consulting call with us, then head over to If you, however, want to optimize your Amazon listing on your own, we’ve got a great Amazon listing checklist for you at We broke down all the different sections on an Amazon listing page and created different sales strategies for each. You can check off as you implement the different sales strategies.

7 Mistakes To Avoid to Improve Your Amazon Listing Conversion Rate

Let’s go ahead and jump into the seven (7) mistakes to avoid to help improve your Amazon Listing conversion rate in 2022.

1. Don’t photoshop your product images:

Avoid photoshopping your product images inside stock photos to make them look like they belong there already. People mostly see through it. Instead, get a product photoshoot done. Either hire a professional to get it done for you or try to figure out how you can do it in a low-cost way as possible. Take some real-life pictures of your product; they will perform way better for you on your listing than photoshopped stock phototypes of images.

2. Don’t forget to include text overlays in every single picture:

Every single product photo or EBC photo should contain some sales copy. Posting raw images without any sales copy is a wasted opportunity; you’re leaving money on the table. Your photos can include text on the benefit of the product. Fill in the gaps for your customers; tell them exactly what to think when looking at your pictures.

3. Don’t have less than the allotted nine images:

Amazon gives you the ability to have nine images in your listing. Use up all the spaces. Don’t just have four or five or six. Make use of all nine slots. Think of different ways and ideas to take new shots of your product and upload them. It is a wasted opportunity if you’re not taking advantage of that; you’re leaving money on the table.

If you need product photoshoot ideas, get our Amazon listing checklist at You will find additional concepts on the different product photo images that you can take to fill up all nine spaces.

4. Don’t go without brand registry:

If you’re selling brandless products or products that are not your brand, ignore this. If you, however, have your brand or are a private seller on Amazon, get brand registered; get trademarked, and have a storefront designed. Build a cohesive brand with your EBC area, the videos, and the images on your listing. Effective branding (great photos, fonts, color scheme, etc.) will help build your credibility and increase sales. Everyone wants to buy from brands they know, like, and trust. Be one of those brands that people know and can trust. With a storefront, anyone who clicks on your brand name would be sent directly to your storefront, where they can see more about your products. Without a storefront, anyone clicking on your brand name would be sent to the search results, showing them your competitors’ products.

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5. Don’t have less than 175 characters in your title:

Again, you’re leaving money on the table if you have a short title. You’re wasting an opportunity. Put more keywords in your product title if you have characters left. Max it out; add as much information as you can. The longer the title, the more ranking power you have. You can front-load your brand; put your brand name first before the product name if you’re unsure which keywords to add. Don’t do the bare minimum; max out the character count if you can.

6. Don’t ignore the customer Questions & Answers area:

The customer Q&A section is right above the reviews area. There is a lot of considerable selling information that you can add by answering customer complaints and questions. The more questions and answers you have, the more legit your listing look. It builds trustworthiness and credibility. Hundreds of customer Q&As sets you apart as a well-known brand. If you have only two, it seems like you’re a brand-new, untrustworthy product. It’s another place for you to share videos. Use videos as answers to questions; show them instead of typing. Build great relationships, brand reputation, and credibility by answering customer complaints or questions. Potential buyers look at this when they have questions about your product.

7. Don’t procrastinate on making videos:

Don’t sleep on making more videos for your listing. Videos are a great choice in showing the customer what is to be expected in the box, what kind of results they will get, how many different people have used the product, etc. Do customer testimonial type videos, unboxing videos, product demonstration videos, instructional videos, etc. The more information you have on your listings – the variety of different people you have on camera showing off your product and showing that they were a customer – the more trust and sales overall you will get. This approach also makes you look like a very established, legitimate brand. You can use these videos as Amazon PPC ads, Facebook ads, TikTok ads, YouTube ads, etc. Decrease your return rate and increase your conversion rate by using videos in your product listings.

If you need help creating videos, reach out to us on a free consulting call at Our Amazon Listing Checklist is available for free at

Hopefully, you have found value in these mistakes to avoid in your Amazon Listing, as well as how to increase your conversion rate and take your Amazon business to the next level. Thanks for reading.