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Amazon overtakes Google in monthly product searches, with over 50% of all product searches beginning on Amazon. If you’re an Amazon seller, it’s essential to step up your Amazon PPC game to increase your Return on Ad Spend (RoAS), get a lower ACoS, and be front and center when customers search for your product. This blog discusses three essential Amazon marketing tips every seller should remember when running sponsored video ads campaigns.

In this blog, we’ll share tips, techniques, and strategies to maximize your PPC RoAS. And if you’re looking for creative video strategies, check out our blog here—a guide for creating Amazon product videos.

Before we start, my name is Ian Smith, and I run an Amazon Marketing Agency called Evolve Media.

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Now, back to the blog.

Top 3 Effective Amazon Sponsored Video Ads Marketing Tips

We’ve tested these strategies for most companies, and they’ve worked well.

1. Do A LOT of Split Testing

Split testing simply means creating multiple ad versions and assessing them against each other to understand which ones best resonate with your targeted audience. For example, Amazon allows sponsored ad videos between 6 to 45 seconds. While creating ads for the same ASIN, split test your ad versions between different time lengths. You can test shorter versions (6-15secs) and longer versions (30-45secs) of your ad to see which worked best.

Example of Sponsored Video Ad on Amazon

Another example is through video type. You can create a sponsored ad video that includes a voiceover that talks about the features and benefits of your product and have another video for the same ASIN with music playing in the background. Also, split test different intros. You may have ideas about grabbing your target market’s attention. However, you will not know which one works best until you put them to the test.

Split testing can help you unlock the secret to success once you find which video formats, types, and introductions give you a higher click-through rate. The strategy is crucial to identifying what works for you as a brand. Once you’re confident in your sponsored video ad style and design, you can increase your Ad expenditure to reach out to more people and increase your RoAS.

2. Stick to Phrase and Exact Match Keywords

Phrase and exact match keywords targeting example.

When creating sponsored Amazon video ads, bid for exact match phrases or keywords. Bidding for broader keyword categories means competing for space in an already crowded area, leading to a small RoAS and fewer clicks. You’ll reach your intended audience and be able to bid for more keywords and phrases with exact match keywords and phrases. This approach is practical, especially for new sellers on Amazon. It saves money and ensures you’re marketing to people interested in your product.

3. Don’t Worry Too Much About Production Value

The third tip when creating sponsored Amazon video ads is not to be overly concerned about production. Organic or user-generated videos tend to appeal more to users. Be sure that your videos are not pixelated or have a very abysmal resolution that the content is not visible. Your video must pass Amazon’s requirements. You can shoot an excellent video with your iPhone or Android device.

However, we recommend getting the services of a professional video editor to put your videos together and discuss your split testing ideas. Your video editor can create short and long video sponsored ads by picking the most exciting and essential parts of your video. They can also add all the necessary graphics and animations to ensure your video output is perfect.

If you’re low on budget, you can find an editor on Fiverr or Upwork to help you. You can also hire us to help if you need help selling your products via video and elevating your brand. Reach out to us at

Bonus: Do Competitor Ad Research

Here’s a bonus tip to help you increase your Amazon PPC performance. Once you compile the list of all the keywords and phrases you will be targeting with a specific type of campaign, go on Amazon and search every single one of those keyword phrases. Look for the sponsored video ad that appears in the search results for that keyword phrase and sift through them.

Supposing a sponsored video dominates your keyword search, the seller is probably making more ad spending returns and doubling down on his expenditure to increase it even more. Pick cues from these videos to incorporate into your ad campaigns.

When researching your competitors, look at the kind and format of sponsored video ads they run and be inspired by their creative direction and ideas. This is one way you reduce your learning curve, understand what works best and have a shorter path to success.

Wrapping Up!

Not many Amazon sellers are running sponsored video ads, leaving a good opportunity for anyone running sponsored video ads to explore. These tips should help boost your click-through rates and increase your Return on Ad Spend if you’re one of the brands or products running sponsored video ads in your space. These strategies have yielded exceptional results for our clients.

If you need more help scaling your Amazon business, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Evolve Media Agency. We’re here to help you boost your conversion rates and ramp up your Amazon sales. Check out our pricing portfolio and get a free listing audit by visiting Also, remember to grab your free Amazon listing checklist at our team is here to help.

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