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Here are 5 ways to separate your Amazon brand from your competition. If you’re an Amazon seller in a highly competitive space and you want to separate yourself from all your other competitors, keep reading this article.

I’m going to be giving you five strategies that you must do to win all of the sales when shoppers come to your listing page instead of going and buying from your competition.

What We Do At Evolve Media

Really quick before we get into this article, my name is Ian Smith, and I run an Amazon Marketing Agency called Evolve Media. 

We help Amazon sellers optimize their Amazon listings with photos, videos, copywriting and get their listings converting as high as possible. This involves doing product photoshoots, video shoots, and overall marketing both on and off Amazon like running Email Marketing campaigns, Google Ad campaigns; getting Amazon data and Instagram user data and then marketing directly to potential customers. If any of that sounds appealing to you and you want to book a free consulting call with us, then head over to

If you just want to optimize your Amazon listing on your own, we’ve got a great Amazon listing checklist for you at We broke down all the different sections on an Amazon listing page and created different sales strategies for each section. It’s a checklist that you can check off as you implement the different sales strategies.

Now, let’s get into 5 Ways to Separate Your Amazon Brand From Your Competition…

Register Your Trademarked Brand to Separate Your Amazon Brand From Your Competition

Let’s go ahead and jump into it. The first thing you have to do for your Amazon brand is getting the brand registered and trademarked.

Doing this step is critical and crucial to your success with Amazon, as it is going to allow you to:

Shoot an FAQs Video to Separate Your Amazon Brand From Your Competition

Number two is to shoot an FAQs video and post it to answer a question in the customer Q and A section. If you don’t know what any of this means, above the reviews section, there’s a customer question and answers section where people can type in questions.

Go ahead and type in a question, then get a video shot, a frequently asked questions type of video where they’re going to answer three questions in this video. The first question that will be answered in this video will be the one that is typed and posted on your Amazon listing page, and you’re going to post that video as an answer so when people are scrolling through your listing page.

More Videos Amazon Sellers Must Have

They will see that video will get a ton of views, and ultimately, this video it’s going to not only answer the questions but also:

  • Talk about the features and benefits of your product
  • Show your product 
  • Get a lot of people from being on the fence to buying your product

It will address a lot of the concerns that people may have when they’re looking at your product and help you increase your conversion rate. If you want a video shot just like this, my team and I would love to help you out.

This type of video is very affordable because of its simplicity. Just answer three questions, post it on the listing and that’s it, but it is a compelling strategy.

Post Multiple Videos In Your Product Photos to Separate Your Amazon Brand From Your Competition

Number three is to post multiple videos into your product photos area. I see all the time that many brands have one video. It’s not going to cut it in 2022, especially when you’re in a highly competitive niche space and product category.

Get multiple video shots. There are many different types of videos that you can have shot. One of those videos I highly recommend is a review-style video, and it’s going to come across from a third-party person.

It will be more trusted, and people will listen to it a little bit more. It should resonate with them a little more because it will be from a third-party, honest opinion type of source. A review video is a type you need to have in your product review videos.

You also need to have a “What’s included,” How to install slash setup” type of video about the brand, where if you have some feel-good motivational type of messaging behind your brand, you donate a percentage of your profits.

Drive External Traffic to Separate Your Amazon Brand From Your Competition

Strategy number four has to do with external traffic and driving it over to a landing page. This will act as a bridge, and then people are going to visit this landing page and learn a lot about your product.

The beauty of this landing page is that you can include information that you can’t necessarily put on your Amazon page because it’s not within their terms of service. Additionally, you can put a bunch of social proof; written reviews that can be testimonial videos. 

You can compare yourself to your competition, although I don’t recommend mentioning brand names. Still, you can present a comparison table saying: “This is what we include,” “This is what the other brands in our space or other leading products are including.” 

Make it look like your brand includes a lot more value in your product, offering better quality materials, which are more ethically sourced. Potentially talk about how you donate a certain percentage to a non-profit.

Use Amazon Product Videos on Your Bridge Page

Still, ultimately you can put a whole lot of creative material photo video assets on this bridge page that you can’t necessarily put on your Amazon listing page. This bridge page will not have a lot of related products, so these shoppers are not going to see your competitors’ products on them, which will give you a chance to sell them entirely and close the deal. 

They will be ready to buy; you have “Buy now” buttons and “Add to cart” buttons to link them directly to your Amazon listing page. If you want to do a super URL or smart link that gives you keyword attribution, it’s up to you. Suppose you want to go the route of special links that add it to their cart in Amazon. In that case, you can get crafty with the type of links you do, but ultimately driving external traffic to this page will greatly help you pre-sell them; warm them up so that the competition is not even in their view.

It’s not even in their peripherals and they can:

  • Focus on your product
  • What is included 
  • Why your product is so great 
  • How it’s going to change their life and their life ultimately is never going to be the same

Every Amazon Seller Needs A Bridge Page For Warming Up Cold Traffic

A bridge page is something that you need to have, and when it comes to external traffic, I highly recommend Google Search ads. Those will be your best type of ad traffic because people are typing in keywords related to your product.

They’re closer to making that purchase than if they were casually browsing content on Facebook or Instagram. I’m not saying that those are the wrong platforms, and keep that in mind that when you’re trying to go for the shortest journey to getting a customer, Google Search ads will give that to you.

I’m also a massive fan of TikTok ads because it’s super powerful. Many people on TikTok are very engaged with that content, its low cost for the highly engaging type of traffic, and many shoppers are on that platform. It’s leading to many purchases, especially if your product is within that impulse buy price point of around 10 to 30 dollars.

Have A Post-Purchase Funnel

The fifth strategy that you need to be implementing in your Amazon business has a post-purchase funnel. This could be as simple as an insert in your product, where you do an extended warranty, or you ask for a review, but honestly, those are not that powerful these days.

You can also do some automated review request types of email from Amazon. I recommend you link up with a company like my team and me to connect your Amazon account through the dev settings and dev credentials.

We can export out multiple months of your Amazon customer data, so we’re able to get information like:

  • Order IDs
  • Customers’ names (first and last name mailing address)
  • Price of the order that paid 
  • Their email address and phone number now

Unfortunately, this is only valid for the USA marketplace, and unfortunately, if you’re selling in another marketplace, we can still get their names and mailing addresses. It’s in the US that can get their emails and phone numbers.

Download Your Amazon Customer Contact Information & Remarket To Them

I highly recommend getting your Amazon customer data. Reach your customers off Amazon and at the very least ask them for reviews. It will help you get more reviews on your listing considerably so that the conversion rate is a lot higher on your listing.

Those are my 5 Ways to Separate Your Amazon Brand From Your Competition. I highly recommend that you implement every single one, especially if you’re in a very competitive niche space and product category on Amazon. Thank you for reading this article, and I’ll catch you in the next one.