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If you’re a brand registered Amazon seller, you need to have a storefront built out. Amazon brand storefronts are of great value and can drastically increase your conversion rate. We’ll discuss in this blog why you need to get a storefront built and look at some of the best Amazon seller brand storefront design layout tips and strategies.

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What Is The Purpose Of An Amazon Storefront?

Before discussing the best practices and tips for an Amazon seller brand storefront design and layout, let’s look at some benefits of having an Amazon storefront built out.  

1. Storefronts Sets You Apart From Your Competition

Having a storefront built for your Amazon business significantly separates your brand from your competition. Storefronts add credibility to your listings and build trust with shoppers visiting your brand. It is easier for shoppers to decide on your product when you have a well-built storefront. According to Amazon, brands with a storefront built out have 21% more repeat visitors and 35% higher attributed sales per visitor. Overall, you get a higher lifetime value per visitor and more repeat customers.

2. Storefronts Allow You to Participate In Amazon Posts

Storefronts are a requirement when signing up for Amazon Posts. If you don’t know what these are, Amazon Posts is Amazon’s social platform. Though currently available on mobile only, Amazon Posts give you free visibility and discoverability across the Amazon platform. If your competitors are not investing in Amazon Posts, you can have the edge over them. Amazon is getting more and more saturated with sellers. So take advantage of anything you can to separate yourself from your competitors.

3. Storefronts Keeps Shoppers On Your Listing.

Amazon storefronts are great ways to keep shoppers on your listings. At the very top of your Amazon listing page is your brand link. This link sends shoppers directly to your storefront if you have one built out. Without one, it redirects them to a search results page where all of your competition listings show. Shoppers directed to your storefronts can explore the other products on your listings. This approach helps you naturally cross-sell your products to customers who are enthusiasts of your brand or product. According to Amazon, linking your sponsored brand ads to stores instead of your product pages can boost your Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) by 22%.

4. Storefronts Are Avenues to Cross-Sell Your Products

As mentioned earlier, Amazon storefronts are great avenues to cross-sell your products to your current customer base. Supposing a customer bought one product from you and liked it, they are more likely to purchase other products when exploring your storefront. Effectively, you increase revenue with little advertising cost.

5. Storefronts Improve Your Ranking On and Off Amazon

Amazon storefronts are also a practical approach to ranking high on and off Amazon. Amazon is biased towards listings that have storefronts built out. Their algorithms push you more when you are a credible, legitimate brand with a storefront built and in their brand registry. It’s a win-win situation since they make money from your sales, and you’re likely to make more sales with a storefront. Amazon storefronts are also well indexed on Google and other major search engines. People who search your brand name are more likely to find a result on Google if you have a storefront built out.

6. Storefronts Give You Assess to Analytics & Insights

Lastly, another reason to have an Amazon storefront is access to insights and analytics. Amazon provides statistics like daily visitors, daily page views, estimated total sales, etc., for listings with an Amazon storefront. These statistics give you good insights into how customers engage with your storefront.

Amazon Seller Brand Storefront Design Layout: Best Practices and Strategies

Now you know the benefit of a well-designed Amazon storefront. Let’s discuss some of the best practices and strategies for designing a brand storefront and sample layouts.

1. Add a Navigation Menu

First things first: you need a navigation menu or navbar. Navigation menus allow you to present different options to your storefront. Your navigation menu should also link to various sections of your storefronts and product pages. You can also use images as navigation links to your different categories. This way, you double expose yourself and make it easier for shoppers to find your product categories.

2. Use Lifestyle Product Photos

Images you use on your Amazon storefront should have a lifestyle feel. Avoid photoshopping your products into stock images. Using Photoshop and stock images doesn’t help build trust and credibility because people can see through them. Invest in lifestyle photoshoots for your products. They look more authentic and show your commitment to your brand.

3. Add All Of Your Products to Your Storefront

Put all of your products into your Amazon storefront. Don’t only have a few of your Amazon products on your storefront. Having all your products on your storefront makes it easier for shoppers to find your other product. You can do this through your navigation menu. Update your Amazon storefront regularly with your listings, especially after launching a new product.

4. Create Custom Designed Photos

Another effective strategy to increase your conversion rate through your Amazon storefronts is by utilizing custom-designed infographics. Lifestyle images and custom-designed pictures work well on your Amazon storefront. Use text overlays on your lifestyle images to communicate the benefits of your product, the kind of problems it solves, and who can use them. Shoppers who click on these images to visit your product page should have enough information to make a purchasing decision.

5. Be Intentional & Seasonal

Have fun with your product image designs. Don’t have a rigid storefront with images and videos that almost don’t change. Customize your product photos, videos, and storefronts to suit seasons and times. For example, your product pictures can look wintery during winter or the holiday season. They can also look festive with elements from the various festive seasons like Christmas. This approach gives shoppers a warmer feel-good feeling for your brand and helps you build credibility and trust. Overall, your shoppers are more likely to move forward with a purchasing decision when you incorporate subtle, subliminal, and subconscious stuff like these.

6. Follow Your Brand Guidelines

When dealing with design, stay on brand. Follow the same brand guidelines with all your other EBC images. Your EBC content and product photos should match your storefront photos as well. Use the same fonts, colors, spacing, etc. Following your brand guidelines gives shoppers a homely feel while exploring your storefront and brand.

7. Add Product Videos

Product videos should be no-brainer additions to your Amazon storefront. Have generic, brand-type videos featuring multiple products in your lineup on your Amazon storefronts. Product videos are strategic investments that help you sell more. When creating product videos, show pictures and get real-life videos of people using your product. Limit the amount of stock footage in your videos, and do not go with the plain music playing in the background.

Plain music in the background is not only a waste of opportunity; it can be annoying as well. Invest money to get a voice-over recorded of people talking about your product. Your voice-over should cover the features and benefits of your products. This approach resonates better and creates a stronger relationship with your prospective customers. It will significantly boost the trust factor and increase the conversion rates on all your listings. When linking the different images, videos and tiles, always remember to link them to the various categories in your navigation menu and product listing pages.

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8. Optimize for Mobile and Desktop

Lastly, when everything is said and done, and you’ve got your Amazon storefront designed nicely, be sure to check it on mobile and desktop. Your Amazon storefront should look great on a Desktop, Tablet, or Mobile. Very often than not, storefronts look great on a desktop but a little wonky on mobile. As a final check before you launch, be sure that your Amazon storefront is well optimized for every other platform.

Well-Designed Storefronts to Find Inspiration From

These Amazon storefronts are remarkable and check all the boxes we’ve discussed so far. You can explore them at your convenience to find inspiration to build yours.

1. RoofPax

The first brand to look at, RoofPax, is a storage bag that you can put on the top of your car when driving around. On their storefront, they have an informative video that talks about the different ways that you can use their product. So they show you how to install it and what kind of cars it works with. The product video shows how large their bags are and gives you a good idea of the scale. They have good images showing different products that link to various parts of their navigation menu. They have a secondary video (instructional video) showing how to attach roof bags to a car. Most of their images double down as internal links to other parts of their store and product listing pages. Their storefront builds trust, credibility, and authority and separates them from their other competitors.

2. Gripjoy Socks

The second brand we’re looking at is Gripjoy. They have great images on their Amazon storefront. It is a family-oriented brand, and the storefront is an advocate of it. This approach resonates well with very family-oriented people. Images on their storefronts link to different sections in their storefront and show other listings. Their storefront assures you their socks are of higher quality than their competitors. They have a video describing why their socks are excellent and grippy while being on-brand (showing family). It’s astonishing how they can tie socks to family and build around it a family brand. On their story tab, they have a video talking about their beginnings as a brand; how they came to start this brand. They also have their feel-good part – We donate 10% of all profits to organizations participating in pump disease – on their Amazon storefront.

3. EZPOLE Flagpole & Mounts

The last brand to look at is EZPOLE Flagpole & Mounts. They sell flagpoles and American flags. EZPOLE Flagpoles use GIFs on their storefronts which auto-play once you land on the storefront. Their images link directly to their correspondent product listing page. They also show the different options and sizes of their products and have a video discussing how their flagpoles are better. They have a wind-proof video that shows the durability of their flagpoles. Their storefront is super, and they are benefiting from having a great storefront that communicates trust and credibility to their shoppers.

Great storefronts are well branded. They have stunning visual effects and multiple videos. If you are going to separate yourself from your competition, you need to build a great relationship with your customer to increase their lifetime value. Amazon storefronts provide you with innovative ways that get your customers to come back and buy from you again. They are a sound investment for your brand.

Right! We hope you got value from this blog post. Again, if you need help building out a storefront, my team and I would love to help you out. Visit to learn more about our services or book a free consulting call with us. We can help you create videos for your products, do product photoshoots, graphic design, or build out your entire storefront. Thank you for reading.