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Selling on Amazon can be challenging. But with the right approach, you’ll find success regardless of your competition. In this article, we’re breaking down 5 marketing strategies that every Amazon seller should do to boost your conversion rate and revenue, whether you’re an established or new Amazon seller. These strategies are the basis for establishing and building a successful business on Amazon.

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If you’re a DIY Amazon seller and want to optimize your Amazon listing on your own, we’ve got a powerful Amazon listing checklist for you at We broke down all of the different sections of an Amazon detail page and created different sales strategies for each area of a listing. You can check these items off as you and your team implement the different sales strategies.

Now, back to the blog. Here are the top 5 Amazon Marketing Strategies that can boost your sales and increase your revenue. Got your pen and paper? Let’s get into it!

1. Have Pro-Level Photo Shoots

Very often, when we mention Pro, people associate it with expensive. But Pro-level does not always mean costly. It’s easier with the advanced camera technology on smartphones to conduct affordable, pro-level photo shoots that deliver high-quality photos. “Pro” also means highly creative. With the Amazon marketplace’s fierce competition, quality alone doesn’t cut through the noise. Combining the two—quality and creativity—helps you differentiate your brand from your competition.

An example of a high-quality product photo including copy to drive sales.

Consider lifestyle images that involve people using your product. For example, if you sell a kitchen product, then take photos of the product in a kitchen with a lovely backsplash. This resonates with people who use the product as they can see how it fits into their space. If your product typically goes in purses, you can have a top-down picture of your product and a purse lying next to it. This will help establish scale and give shoppers a good idea of your product’s scale.

Also, have solid background color images. The backgrounds can be white, black, or yellow, depending on your brand colors and product. Combining solid colored backgrounds and lifestyle images provides a nice variety of pictures on your product listing pages. Pro-level product shoots give your products a professional and upscale look when the photos are of higher quality. It elevates your branding and allows you to ask for a higher price point, overall, increasing the conversion rate of your Amazon listing page.

Quick tip: Use stock photos in place of actors and models when you want to save money. However, do not edit your products into stock photos to make it look like they already belonged there. Shoppers can see through it, which will eventually hurt your conversion rate.

2. Get Pro-Level Video Shoots

Similarly, you must invest in high-quality, creative product videos for your listings. If you’re hiring a team for your photo shoot, chances are they can help you with product videos. Product videos are a crucial investment in your Amazon business, and they can be used as short clips that cut away from your main videos or sponsored ads.

Example of an Amazon product video discussing the benefits and features of a product.

For Amazon, these video ads range between 4 seconds and 45 seconds long. The more concise you can convey your message, the better. You can have a looping short little clip that just zooms in on a product or shows what the product does. Product videos open up many opportunities, especially since they are inexhaustible. You can use them for an extended period to market your products on and off Amazon.

3. Run Sponsored Video Ad Campaigns

Most Amazon sellers only run PPC product sponsored ads that show their product on the search results page with the “Sponsored” tag. But these alone aren’t effective. You must consider sponsored video ad campaigns to increase exposure and elevate your brand. Take your short product video clips and run those as ads with a lot of split testing between different video clips. Split testing helps you hone in and figure out which are your best performing video clips, so you can redirect your ad spend better.

Sponsored video ads lead people to your product detail page and are a great way to set your listing apart from all the other listings. They appear like banners, taking an entire row on the search results page. When creating product videos, we recommend adding a voiceover. It could be a 5-second or one-liner voiceover of somebody talking about the product’s features and benefits. A nicely pitched voiceover can offer good insight that helps shoppers decide on your product.

4. Get Brand-Registered to Create EBC Content and Build a Storefront

The Amazon brand registry program offers sellers numerous features to optimize their listings. Amazon sellers with registered brands can create EBC content designs and build a storefront. Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) appears under the product description area of your listings. They help increase your listing page’s conversion rate and insert more sales-driving copy. With EBC, you can have more information for the customer to review before purchasing a product. An excellently designed EBC area will set you apart from your competition.

Example of a neatly designed and built Amazon Storefront.

Similarly, having a storefront as a seller helps build credibility with your shoppers. It also offers the opportunity to cross-sell your other products. Sellers must note that without a storefront, their brand name leads directly to the product search page. Shoppers clicking on your brand name will likely get lost in the many other products they find, reducing your conversion rates. A well-built storefront makes you look like a bigger brand. You can add more sales copy, images, and videos to your storefronts. And while setting it up can be time-intensive, it elevates your brand and allows you to sell for more when you’re ready to sell your business.

With your Amazon storefront, you can participate in Amazon Posts, a dedicated photo-sharing media platform on Amazon. Posts offer free and organic exposure that you can leverage to promote your brand and products.

5. Expand Your Team

You may be passionate about being an Amazon seller and all the tedious and repetitive tasks that come with it. But you’ll agree that they can be very challenging to complete when there are other pending tasks of more importance. That’s why having a team to work with is super important. Your team is an extra hand and brain to help you complete tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. Build a team of skilled personnel that can leverage their expertise and experience to help you scale up your Amazon business.

When you have a team, you grow and increase your revenue faster. Yes, you lose money with each hire but look at how much you can potentially make back. Experts do a much better job and have trial and error and learning experiences. So, if you’re managing your PPC right now, bring on a team member to manage them. Get a team to help you with your creativity and daily task. Build a group for your Product and video shoots. Usually, these roles intersect, but a good team will make your life easier and reduce stress levels.


These Amazon marketing strategies may not be new to you, but you’re leaving a lot on the table if you aren’t practicing them. Take advantage of these on-and-off Amazon marketing strategies to increase your revenue and conversion rates.

We hope you found value here. Again, my team and I at Evolve Media can offer your brand high-level product photos and videos that help elevate your brand. We can also be the team that helps scale up your Amazon business. So, if you want to discuss this further, reach out to us on a FREE consulting call, and we’ll help you get started. We also have a FREE Amazon Listing Checklist that should boost your conversion rates.

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