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Why should every Amazon Marketing budget include an influencer strategy? If you’re trying to build a brand on Amazon, sell products under it, and overall create your brand authority, then you need to be investing heavily into video creation.

Quick Introduction

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Hiring Creative Agencies Or Influencer Strategy For Amazon Marketing & Why Every Amazon Marketing Budget Should Include An Influencer Strategy

With video creation, you can either do two things: Hire an agency, something like my company, and I specialize in. We create video and photo assets for many Amazon sellers or hire influencers. Influencers are going to create videos for your brand your products.

In this article, I will be covering why you need to be hiring influencers. Even just creative agencies to create videos for your Amazon brand and products.

Elevating Your Brand Against Your Competitors

You need to invest in getting videos made by either influencers or an agency. This will help you rise above your competitors. Also incredibly significant if your competitors are not investing in videos for their products.

These videos will give your brand and products a massive trust boost for the shoppers looking at your brand and product versus your competitors. It’s will also provide credibility and the impression that you’re a leader in your niche space product category. Having this kind of authority and credibility in your space will allow you to charge more for your products and charge more for your business when you want to sell them. 

Have A Variety of Videos to Strategy

In the short term, when you invest in some great videos in the product photos area in the video slider right above the reviews section and the actual customer Q and A section, you can post a video to answer a question. Having these on your listing will increase their conversion rate, which will grow and boost the performance of your Amazon PPC.

In return, you will get a higher return on ad spend, and allow you to reduce your ad cost to be able to get that same amount of revenue. Also, the more video assets you have–for example, for 10 or 20 different videos, the more powerful your ads are going to perform on the off Amazon type of ad platforms like:

  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

Retargeting Through Videos & Leveraging TYour Amazon Marketing Budget And Influencer Strategy

On any video platform, you can run ads. You can also retarget people who have watched a portion of your ad. If they visited your website, clicked on any of your ads, you can retarget them with the different video assets you have.

Imagine if you just had one video, and people are just seeing that one video over and over. That will annoy them and make them not want to see your ad. Eventually, maybe run from your ads. Worse, even flag them not to show up when they’re online.

If you had 20 different videos, you could show people on a retargeting basis, that will:

  • Build the relationship
  • Teach them different things about your products
  • Sneak in additional features and benefits 
  • Show different types of social proof to show other influencers

Remembering These Vital Things For Creating Videos

As mentioned before on the Amazon listing itself, there are many places where you can put videos you created. Although, as far as the Amazon PPC is concerned, here are tips that you need to keep in mind.

The actual max file size is 500 megabits. The shorter the video as an actual amazon PPC sponsored video ad, the better. It has to be a little bit shorter and small file size. 

They say up to three minutes, but they see 15 to 30 seconds in actual length as most recommended. I would say shoot for that three-minute mark. You can note that you can trim back and cut out parts to leave the best selling point portions. 

Use that as an Amazon-sponsored video ad outside of the actual Amazon search results and listing page. You have various platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and different blog sites. You can potentially have your videos sponsored on other blog pages out there.

Featuring Your Products With Influencers On Amazon Live (The #1 Way to Leverage Your Influencers And Marketing Budget)

Another fantastic platform that’s somewhat new and is gaining popularity is Amazon Live. This is like QVC or HSN, one of those live-selling platforms.

Many influencers are going on Amazon Live and talking about different products. Right below their video is a link to that product, where they’re getting an affiliate commission from.

Here, your product is getting excellent brand recognition, some credibility, authority boosting, and you’re getting access to low-cost audience views. Your audience is bored, wasting time, and willing to buy something on an impulse. 

I recommend trying to get your product featured on Amazon Live. You can look at influencers already doing this. You can try to reach out to them directly or go to a platform like This platform has a group of influencers that already are posting on Amazon Live.

You can hire these influencers through the Rebaid platform, making the process easier. After featuring your product on Amazon Live, you can talk with the influencer and get that snippet about your product. After, you can go through some licensing to pay them extra. Then, you see if you can get that video as an ongoing recording video on your listing.

You can run it as a PPC ad, so you can use it in your marketing. These can even be used on other platforms: TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, all those different ones. 

Types Of Videos To Include In Every Amazon Marketing Budget And Influencer Strategy

When it comes to hiring an influencer or a creative agency like what my team and I offer, there are many different types of videos that you can get created. I highly recommend that you invest in creating a good amount of these videos. 

Review-Style Video

Let’s go ahead and cover the different types of videos that you need to be considering for your brand. The first is a review-style video. This will be where you have an influencer who will be showing your product, wearing it, giving their pros and cons, their opinion on your product, what they like and what they don’t like about it.

This will be a pretty powerful video, and you’re going to want this type of video on your actual product photos area or somewhere on your listing. If you want a video like this, my team and I would love to make you one. We have an excellent white background for these review-style videos.

Install Video

The following kind of video is an install slash setup-type of video. If your product requires a little bit of assembly and needs a few instructions and how-to on setting it up, this is the kind of video you want to have made.

This video will show people just how easy it is to set up, and then they’re going to watch this before they buy it. Then after they buy it, they’re probably going to revisit your listing and watch it again to show them the three easy steps to installing this product.

For example, if you’re making a product demonstration video for a car organizer, this is going to show:

  • How to use it
  • How many things you can fit inside this car organizer bag (tissue box, water bottles, use these side pockets for baby toys)
  • The video will demonstrate the many uses of your product
  • Help your customers imagine all the different ways to use it and how it will help them and make their lives easier

Social Proof Compilation Video

Another type of compelling video is social proof compilation video. What you do is get a lot of review-style videos, and you compile them into one video. You will take the best snippets of each review style video; all these different people are talking about your product, and you combine them all into one video.

These are powerful because they show various people talking about your product and gain a lot of trust and credibility with the viewer. Chances are, this is going to be your highest and best performing video in your asset library.

Brand Backstory Video

The next video you need to invest in or consider is a brand backstory video. This is great if your brand is doing the non-profit type of things. If 10 percent of your revenue goes to a foundation or the brand started in a very clever and unique way, that may resonate with the customer.

Although the purpose of this video is to build a strong relationship with the viewer, they would want to buy from you even if they don’t necessarily need your product. 

FAQ Video

Another significant video for your Amazon listing is a frequently asked questions video. Amazon has a section called the customer questions and answers section. You can post a video as an answer in this section, as I mentioned before.

You want to shoot a frequently asked questions video to answer three questions. The first question in that video will correspond with the actual written question on the Amazon listing.

You can have several of these videos answering multiple questions in each of them, showing the product, and talking about its features and benefits. So if somebody is watching this video before they buy, then the chance of them buying is a lot higher because their concerns have been addressed. 

They can jump off that fence, and they can go ahead and add your product to their cart and buy it now. If you need help getting a frequently asked questions video made for your Amazon listing, my team and I would love to help you out. We make a lot of these for our different amazon seller clients. Our pricing is very affordable again. Go to to book that call.

Benefit Sales Video

The last type of video you need to make is a benefit sales video. This combines all aspects and the different types of videos I just mentioned, and it puts them all into one longer video.

You’re not going to include all the information but summarize things for the social proof compilation. Choose to show probably three social proof little clips, install slash setup, a significantly shortened condensed version of that for the product demo.

By offering a short and condensed version of that, you don’t want to just put all these next to each other and make one 20 minute video. Probably summarize those down into shorter parts, so this main benefit sales video should be anywhere from three to five minutes. Overall it’s going to be a compelling video because it’s going to check all those boxes of:

  • Features and benefits
  • Addressing the problem showing how it works
  • How easy it is to install
  • All the social proof
  • Proving that it works
  • Answering any last frequently asked questions and concerns that you think the viewer may have in mind 

An Influencer Strategy Is Integral For Amazon Sellers & More Reasons Why Every Amazon Marketing Budget Should Include An Influencer Strategy

That’s about everything I wanted to cover in this video for including influencer strategy in your Amazon Marketing budget. Hopefully, it was helpful for you and will encourage you to spend anywhere from $500 to 1500.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money getting multiple videos created. Still, I’m telling you these videos will help your listing’s conversion rate significantly, the performance of your Amazon PPC, any off Amazon marketing that you do, driving traffic to your listing, and overall building the relationship with your customer.

When Your Amazon Marketing Budget Includes An Influencer Strategy, You Further Separate Your Product and Amazon Business From Your Competition

You can build up your brand’s reputation, the overall authority and credibility in that space, and separate yourself from your competition just by creating a few powerful videos, spending anywhere from $500 to $2,500, it’s going to add serious value to your business when you go to sell it. Video content is going to add another couple hundred grand to the value of your business when you want to bring in a buyer.

I strongly believe spending a couple of grand on your business, investing in content, is worth increasing the value of your business by a couple of hundred grand. I would say that’s a good return on your investment.