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If you’re an Amazon seller who wants to know how to boost your Amazon PPC performance this year and get a higher return on ad spend, you can spend less and make more in revenue.

Keep reading this article because I will give you a couple of strategies to help make more money and spend less by making your PPC ads perform better.

Quick Introduction

First, let me tell you who I am. My name is Ian Smith and I run an Amazon Marketing Agency called Evolve Media. We work with a lot of Amazon sellers and help them with increasing their listings, conversion rate, as well as external traffic including email marketing management and Google Ads.

If you want to book a free consulting call with me to take your listing to the next level, as far as photo content, video content, copywriting, and, overall optimizing your listing to sell more, then go to either to check out the services we offer and hopefully I’ll be talking to you on a Zoom call soon.

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We’ve got a very powerful Amazon listing checklist, where we break down the different sections in an Amazon listing and give you sales strategies for every single section.

Putting The Highest Bids To Boost Amazon PPC Performance

The first strategy I want to share with you is to place the highest bids. The highest price you can on the keywords in your product title. 

This will ensure you show up most of the time in search results. When somebody types in those keywords, then usually when somebody is typing a specific keyword and sees that exact one in your product title, you’ll get the click if your image is in check.

You want the keywords you’re bidding on to match your product title, so bid the highest on the keywords in your product title.

Designing Your Photos As Infographics

The following strategy is on the product photos. How you want to design these product photos is like every one of them is an infographic containing the best sales copy and all the sales copy you can include.

You want to get all the great benefits and selling points of your product and make sure that all of that information is in every photo, assuming that they will only be looking at the product photos and making a buying decision.

That’s how you want to design these images and make it a make-or-break situation, where they’re only going to look at them, which will determine if they will buy your product. 

Getting Your Brand Registered To Help Amazon PPC

Next, you want to get the brand registered. If you’re not brand registered, it should be a top priority because once you are, you can:

Once you’re registered, you want to get a review video shot. It shows somebody on camera, someone professional looking with a white background, and then you want to have them talk about the features and benefits of your product.

They can also share their honest opinion, pros and cons. Then you’re going to put this review video in your product photos area, which will be a video that people will watch. 

Assuming that your audience is will only be looking in the product photos area, you want to have a great video there. They must be able to convey more information, third-party validation, help your brand feel authoritative, and be a more prominent leader in its space. It may depend on sales volume, but this type of video must set you apart from competitors.

Getting Various Types Of Photoshoots For Your Products

The next strategy is to get multiple types of photoshoots done of your products. There are four types of photoshoots that you will need.

The first is a white background. Here, you can use a couple of different props or do without them. Your product will be the main factor, and then you can add text over graphics.

Another type is a lifestyle photoshoot with no models. This means no people, just a stage. For example, a kitchen counter with other kitchen-related items.

The next one is a lifestyle photoshoot with models. Yes, actual people to show them using your product, looking happy, and ultimately these people need to look like your ideal customer avatar.

The fourth and last type of photoshoot social proof-related is more like a variety of different people using your product. These are not models because models are so polished and just beautiful looking, and these are regular joe, average, not too attractive.

You want to get them to take pictures with your product, holding it up while smiling and looking happy. This will give you great social proof because it will look like many people are using your product and almost have that viral effect and make it look like you’ve got so many, happy customers.

These are the four types of photo shoots you need to get, and you need to sprinkle them around your entire listing. As for your product photos, put them into your actual videos. Your different video creative assets that you have in your EBC area. Try to get some into your authentic reviews area, but these will be your most potent types of photos.

Shooting an FAQ Video To Level Up Your Amazon PPC In 2022

My last strategy, which could be the most important and most impactful, is to get multiple or even just one frequently asked question video shot.

This is where you’re answering anywhere from three to five–maybe even ten different questions. You will be answering this in video form, and you’re going to post this as an answer to a question in the customer’s question and answer area.

The approach will be compelling because you can show the product while answering the question. You should do multiple of these because it would be best if it were shorter.

If you answered three questions and you have a question posted on your listing, then one of the answers is in that video will be answering that question, and then you could do this with like three or four different videos. 

Your customers may have questions that they may not even think of yet but will be in the FAQs video. It will help you get those people off the fence, and buying your product will separate you from your competition.

So those are my strategies for helping you boost up the performance of your Amazon PPC. Hopefully, it helped you out. Thanks for reading this article, and see you in the next one.