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Launching an Amazon product can be edgy. If you’re an Amazon seller launching a new product soon or planning to enter the market, these Amazon product launch tips will benefit you. This blog post would highlight product launch tips from my friend Ian Page from Bullseye sellers. Bullseye sellers have launched over 500 successful products. So there’s a thing or two to learn from them. 

Before we jump into it, my name is Ian Smith with Evolve Media Agency.

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5 Super-Effective Amazon Product Launch Tips for A Successful Product Launch

Now, to the five (5) essential Amazon product launch tips to consider for a successful product launch.

1. Launch in a less competitive niche

The first product launch tip to consider is launching in a less competitive niche. Avoid niches dominated by big box brands. Launching products such as eczema cream, pimple cream, and new product formulations help you carve out a market for yourself. Big brands are slow to move into these niches, so you can easily be years ahead of them. Don’t try to compete with big brands who are brand authorities. Find a niche that is not yet dominated and launch a product there.

2. Launch with bright and catchy packaging

Get innovative and creative with your packing. Avoid the white bottles and caps approach and make your packaging bright and bold. Your product should stand out in search results. Be like a peacock, have bright colors and grab the attention of your potential buyers. This approach will get you a high click-through rate and a higher conversion rate if your listing is well optimized.

3. Launch with a clever and catchy brand name

This strategy, just like the previous tip, is essential to increase your click-through rate. Your brand name should be distinct; it should pop and grab the attention of potential buyers. Trademark a catchy name for each product to differentiate yourself from your competitors and make it easy for customers to find you. A typical example of this is the Manuka Relief Ultra-Soothing Cream.

4. Launch cheaper than your competitors

Launching your product at a relatively low price will bring you increased revenue. Supposing your price target is $24.99, launch at $14.99. This approach makes it easier for consumers to take a chance on your product or brand. Social proof and reviews are keys to your brand’s perception. Since you don’t have much of these, don’t raise your price until you have at least 25 reviews and steady sales. In Jungle Scout’s annual report, 70% of Amazon products cost between $11 and $35. This range also doubles as the impulse buy price range for most consumers.

Everyone loves a deal. You can launch your product at your price target and discount it is with a coupon. I generally recommend this approach because coupons are great for pushing urgency. People are more likely to buy right away than if your price is just marked down.

You can combat the lack of reviews and social proof with the Customer Question & Answer section. Post anywhere between twenty-five (25) to fifty (50) Q&As that will address customer concerns. You should also have great photos and videos, be brand registered, have your A+ (EBC) content optimized, and have a storefront. These things help build trust with your potential buyer.

5. Launch with variations

The fifth Amazon product launch tip is about variations. Launch your product with more than one option to choose from for your potential buyers. The variations can be either in product size or prices. When pricing variations, make one much cheaper than the others. This approach gives potential buyers the chance to test your product without spending too much. Don’t worry too much about your profit margins. When launching a new product, it’s all about the steady growth of your sales. Bringing your product pricing down through price variations also helps you compete in more saturated niches.

6. Launch a consumable product [Bonus tip]

Getting the lifetime value of your buyers is essential since acquiring a new customer can be very expensive. Whether it’s Amazon PPC, Google Search, Facebook, or TikTok ads, the cost of running campaigns accumulates over a while. Launching a consumable product where your potential buyers can come back and buy again is imperative. For example, Philips Sonicare toothbrushes allow their customers to use their brushes and change the bristles after a while. You, therefore, don’t need to spend again to acquire the buyer once they purchase the product. This strategy essentially reduces your marketing budget and increases your profit margins.

Right! So these are some Amazon product launch tips you should consider in your next product launch. We hope you found value here. If you want to discuss these further or speak to any other ideas, book a free consulting call with us at Thank you for reading.