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How does free traffic to your Amazon listings sound? Exciting? In this post, I will be covering a fresh new way to get free traffic (brand awareness and discoverability) with Amazon Posts, without running any PPC campaigns. Let’s jump into it real quick!

What You’ll Learn:

  1. What Are Amazon Posts?
  2. Where Do Amazon Posts Appear?
  3. Are You Eligible For Amazon Posts?
  4. Are Amazon Posts Really Worth It?
  5. How To Get Featured On Amazon Posts.
  6. Are Your Amazon Posts Working?
  7. Getting Started & Optimizing For Free Traffic

What Are Amazon Posts?

Amazon Posts is Amazon’s version of Instagram that gives shoppers the chance to browse your content on their mobile device (only) and link to your product directly without charging you for a single click. According to Amazon, the new feature “Lets customers explore your products with a free, immersive, image-first experience on Amazon.” This is Amazon’s way of taking on Instagram shopping.

Where Do Amazon Posts Appear?

There are a few different places around Amazon that people can run into your posts. It can show up on your competitor’s listing as well as your listing, that is, between the customers who bought this item, it can show up above the customer questions and answers section, it can show up in the search results, that is, when somebody searches your brand or one of your competitor’s brands, it can show up on the category feed.

Are You Eligible For Amazon Posts?

Unfortunately, not every seller can take advantage of Amazon Posts. You have to be a brand registered seller with an actual store built out. I mean, you need to have a store built out if you have at least one product. It not only helps with your credibility but also redirects the link at the top of your post, your brand name, to your brand store instead of the search results. Are you brand registered and do not have a store built out or do not know how to go about it? Reach out to us at We will get your store built out.

Are Amazon Posts Really Worth It?

If you are not sure you should give it a shot, here is why:

1. It’s free:

You don’t need to pay for it. It’s completely free, and the organic reach is very high right now while this is still very brand new.

2. Increase Brand awareness:

These posts look very similar to an Instagram post; at the very top of the post is the brand picture, then you get the brand name, then you have an image that is clickable and can link right over to your product page. Posts can show up on your competitor’s listings. Shoppers can follow your page or brand to get updates when you release new content.

3. Get More Discoverability:

Each post can contain category tags. Let’s just say a shopper only wanted to shop in yoga pants, they can click on a category tag about yoga pants, and they can just browse through all the different yoga pants companies that are using Amazon Posts at the time. This is kind of similar to the hashtag strategy.

How To Get Featured On Amazon Posts.

You have to play by rules to be featured in Posts despite being free. These tips will help you correctly format your postings, and help you get free traffic with Amazon Posts.

1. Write Concise Copy:

Your copy needs to be concise because a long copy does not win in this game anyway. Plus, it is easier to write short copy phrases to just go with your post. You should include hashtags and emojis as well. Have fun, but don’t be too sales-oriented.

2. Take Lifestyle Pictures:

Most images featured on Amazon Posts are lifestyle images. You should invest in getting product photoshoots done. When necessary, hire influencers to take lifestyle-type of photos. Your images need to have a real-life feel. Images that are realistic and not just the regular white background photos. Your posts will show in Amazon Store when they get posted. Shoppers who go to your store can browse through all the different posts that you put out there.

3. Post Regularly:

Now honestly, this seems like a no-brainer. If you can’t find the time for it, you can hire a PA to have them go in and post regularly.

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Are Your Amazon Posts Working?

How do you know if your Amazon Posts are working? Unfortunately, you are not going to be getting any purchase conversion tracking. You are not going to know if any sales happened from your post. You will get data like impressions, followings, clicks, engagement data, and overall reach. I recommend you spend a whole month pushing hard on Amazon Posts and look at what your sales do during that month. Don’t change anything real big with your PPC spend, and consider the seasons if your product is seasonal. If you see any kind of uptick in your sales at the end of the month, then you know that those sales probably came from your posts.

Getting Started & Optimizing For Free Traffic

To sign up, go to Amazon gives a lot of insight into the whole process. Once you have got it all set up, signed up, and enrolled in Amazon Post, go ahead and start posting. I don’t think you can actually schedule posts but set reminders to post at least twice a day or have a PA do it. But definitely, start making an effort to push your content through Amazon Posts just to see what happens.

Also, make sure your inventory levels are good because you never know. If something goes viral or gets a ton of visibility, you don’t want lack of inventory to be your undoing. I would also recommend you put a coupon on your listing. If you’re trying to get some free visibility, those coupons will help your listings conversion rate. Everybody loves a deal, right? You may not be able to mention coupons, deals, and promotions in your copy because it’s not so much about driving sales with these posts, but when someone goes go to your listing page, they may buy your product impulsively.

Amazon could be expanding this a lot bigger in the future, so now is the time to act quickly be an early bird. Get free traffic with Amazon Posts while not many brands are doing it. Amazon is also rolling out more and more video placements. Right now, Amazon Posts are just images, but once Amazon allows them to be videos, well, that will open up the door for a lot more selling opportunities.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this blog post. We hope this information was helpful to you.

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