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Your 2021 Amazon Business strategy may no longer be updated. Here are 5 Amazon Marketing strategies that every seller needs to try in 2022.

What You’ll Learn – 5 Amazon Marketing Strategies Every Amazon Seller Needs To Try In 2022

Amazon is now more competitive and PPC is now more expensive. You need to be willing to implement marketing strategies that you haven’t tried in the past.

You see, Amazon is slowly shifting to a more content-rich social media style platform, which rewards sellers who create video and photo content.

Quick Introduction

First, let me tell you who I am. My name is Ian Smith and I run an Amazon Marketing Agency called Evolve Media. We work with a lot of Amazon sellers and help them with increasing their listings, conversion rate, as well as external traffic including email marketing management and Google Ads.

If you want to book a free consulting call with me to take your listing to the next level, as far as photo content, video content, copywriting, and, overall optimizing your listing to sell more, then go to either to check out the services we offer and hopefully I’ll be talking to you on a Zoom call soon.

Next, if you don’t want to jump on a call with me just yet and you want to get some free value and kind of see what are some of the strategies that we recommend for you, I suggest that you go to

We’ve got a very powerful Amazon listing checklist, where we break down the different sections in an Amazon listing and give you sales strategies for every single section.

Registering Your Brand

The first strategy is to get the brand registered. Build out a store and then start posting Amazon posts regularly. Now, if you don’t know what Amazon posts are, let me quickly give you a rundown.

It’s only available to sellers in the USA Marketplace, wherein you got to have a store built out. This is why I mentioned that, and you got to be brand registered.

Get Free Bonus Traffic On Amazon

Once you have all those boxes checked, you can start posting an Amazon post. These are basically like free exposure type of posts. They will show up on your competitors’ listing pages and in the Amazon search results.

These posts look just like Instagram posts. You have your image, and if somebody clicks on the image, they can also follow your page. Although, if somebody clicks on your image, at the bottom of that image is a link to your actual listing page. This is where they can quickly go and buy it. 

Why Amazon Posts

It’s like free organic discovery and not many sellers are doing it. You need to be doing this because the ones doing it are getting a ton of free exposure.

This is better than what PPC can offer. PPC is paid, and it’s getting even more expensive. It’s going through the roof these days, but posts will show up in search results. 

They also have a hashtag equivalent that they label as categories. So, people are browsing through these categories and discovering your posts. They can live on there forever. 

You can post it at the beginning of the month. You’re still getting traffic from that post at the end of the month. Essentially right now, in early 2022, it’s a free way for Amazon sellers to get massive exposure. I highly recommend that you start looking into it and start posting regularly.

Subsidizing Video Content

Strategy number two is to start investing in video content. Try to get five to ten videos created for each of your ASINs. I know you may think it’s daunting, an overkill, and a dumb idea, but no. Amazon is investing big dollars into getting more video placements put on the listing pages.

Amazon posts right now are just images only in the mobile app. Soon, they will expand to videos and probably show up on desktop and all over Amazon. It seems like Amazon is moving more towards a social media platform. 

Why Creating Video Content Is Worth It – It Goes A Long Way

Suppose you start investing and getting videos created. In that case, you can:

  • Post those as Amazon posts
  • Put them in the product photos area
  • Place them in the video slider
  • Have them as an answer to a customer question and answer
  • Use it as a sponsored video ad

Videos are not going anywhere on Amazon. If anything, it’s scaling more into videos. This is why you should be as well now. They give you a couple of ideas for videos to create. 

Video Styles As Part Of 5 Amazon Marketing Strategies Every Amazon Seller Needs To Try In 2022

One is a review-style video. That’s where you get people to jump on camera and review and share their opinion on your product. A review-style video would usually have a brighter white background.

Then, I would jump on camera and say, “Hey, here’s the product! Here are the features and benefits. Here’s what I think about it. This is what I would rate it: one out of ten. Here is how many thumbs up I’d give it, and I would give you a review.” 

With that video, you could then post it in the video slider. You could show your shoppers and set yourself apart from your competition. It’s also a good idea to offer your shoppers more insight into your product.

Shoot Believable, Honest Videos – Don’t Overpromise

The other type of video review that you can get is a more selfie, influencer style. More casual, meaning not as professional and high-res, but it’s like somebody you know, selfie styling and talking about their product; trying to be like an influencer: saying, “Hey, you know you guys really gotta check out this cool product!”

I highly recommend getting multiple review videos shot. The casual kind and the professional kind because then you can combine those into a compilation style video. These are usually best with the simple or with one type of review video.

Suppose you have multiple professional shop videos and compile those into one big video. It will show up like various clips, then with the selfie-style video. In that case, you can have five to seven different videos in one video more compilation style. 

That’s huge for building trust and credibility. It almost seems like your product is trending or going viral and the next type of video you can have created is a how-to or instructional type. If your product needs a bit of a setup or an installation, these videos come in handy.

Tell Customers Everything They Want To Know About Your Product

Another video you can get is features and benefits, a salesy type of video, where it may include a how-to instructional segment. It may also have the whole “what’s included in the box,” or the unboxing, and may also include a little bit of a social proof testimonial type of clip inside that main features and benefits video.

These main features and benefits videos should live in the product photos area. It should be longer and more umbrella or overarching, and tell shoppers:

  • All about your product
  • What your company is about
  • Where you source your materials from 
  • Why you’re different than your competition

Overall, this is a video that you need. My last video idea for you is an FAQ-style video. This is a frequently asked questions video that you will post as an answer to a question in the customer Q and A section.

Set Your Brand Apart From Your Competition

If you didn’t know, in that customer Q and A section, you can either answer a question with just writing or answer with a video. These videos should be short should reply to one to three questions.

It’s an opportunity for you to:

  • Plug more selling points of your product
  • Talk about more of the features and benefits
  • Show your product off

Why is this a part of the 5 Amazon Marketing strategies every Amazon seller needs to try in 2022? Because when people buy on Amazon, you want to accurately represent what a product looks like, so an FAQ video can help address those concerns. Answer those questions and take them from a shopper to a customer. 

Those are some ideas on where you can post videos on Amazon. You got the listing page, search results (as far as a PPC sponsored video ad but how about off Amazon, what can you do with videos off the platform?

Building A Landing Page Off Amazon

That leads us into strategy number three, which is to build a landing page. Once you have a landing page built out, you can embed multiple different types of videos on it. A great thing about this landing page is that your competitors won’t be there, so you won’t have to worry about them stealing away your customers’ attention.

Landing pages are great for getting people pixeled, so that you can re-target them with other ads. Down the line, you can also do an email pop-up, and you can capture their email address by giving them a promo code, by entering to win into the giveaway or free digital download.

I recommend that the landing page run Google Search ads to it. Google Search ads are great because people are typing in the exact keywords that pertain to your product, and they’re closer to making a purchase. 

The Bridge Page & How It Will Save Your Conversion Rate

It’s not as much of an impulse buy when you think about, for example, if they’re browsing on Facebook and Instagram, or even TikTok, they’re not in the buying mood for your specific product. They’re just browsing content, and then they may see an ad which may lead them to an impulse buy, but with Google Search, they are actively looking for a product similar to yours and when you show up right there at the top of the search results, lead them to your landing page.

Make it very clear on that landing page that they can buy on Amazon or add the card on Amazon. Then you have a very high converting landing page that will lead you to sales, and you can connect in that unique link that takes them to Amazon.

You can also put in keywords with that–I’d recommend putting in like 10 to 20 different keywords, so that you have a large rotation of keywords that Amazon doesn’t think anything fishy is going on with the whole keyword rankings manipulation type. That is in the news right now, so I definitely recommend doing multiple keywords.


Use an app or a tool like PixelfyMe. You can save 10 percent on this tool by using the promo code save 10. With Pixelyfy, you can create these URLs with multiple keywords and rotate between these different keywords.

Also, my favorite one is an add-to-cart type of URL. Basically, when they click that, they can skip over your Amazon listing page and immediately add that item to their cart, which means that they’re not going to see all those related products on your listing and the chances of them converting is a lot higher because you’re now taking out the steps. You’re making it fewer steps that they have to go through to get to that Amazon cart and buy your product.

I could go on and on with the positives of landing pages and driving traffic to the landing pages but at the end, what you need to do is experiment around with running Google Search ads and driving them to either your listing directly or to your landing page, so that you can do some email opt-ins do some pixeling.

Email Marketing To Past Amazon Customers

Let’s continue with the following strategy. Strategy number four is to email market to your past Amazon customers. My team and I offer a service to download your Amazon customer data.

We can go back about three months, download all the names and mailing addresses, then use that data to do an email append to find their email addresses and phone numbers. We can hand those emails over to you and start email marketing to your past Amazon customers.

Before you do this, you need to know that you should treat these emails like cold emails. This means the recipients didn’t give you their permission to be email-marketed to. You don’t want to dump all these emails into your Klaviyo or Mailchimp accounts and instead leave them into a platform like Lemlist, which is built for cold email marketing. 

It will allow you to send a couple hundred per day, but you’re not going to get your account shut down. What you can also do is you can use Klaviyo or Mailchimp, but I wouldn’t recommend using it in your main account. 

Pro Email Tip – Don’t Risk Your Main Email Account

Create a secondary account, put all your cold emails in there and send out emails on a small level, maybe a couple thousand a day or a couple thousand a week. That way, if you do get that account reported and shut down, then you’re not putting your entire main account with those good emails in jeopardy. 

Once you start email marketing to your past Amazon customers, what would you want to talk to them about? 

You can ask them: 

  • For reviews
  • To come back and buy your product again (if it’s a consumable product that they need to buy over and over and over) 
  • To buy another product of yours; cross-sell them

You can run a giveaway and get them on your list. Then that email would go to your main account because they opted in for your massive giveaway raffle. You can deliver content like blog post-types as a way to warm them up, nurture them, and get them to be more likely to open and click on your emails.

Using Emails For Product Launches

Lastly, my most important way to leverage these emails is to use them for product launches. When you’re launching a new product, tell all these people that you’re launching a new product, give them an insane deal–a massive discount and get them to buy your new creation using keyword-rich URLs.

Again, it would be best to be careful with those keyword-rich URLs. Just target around 15 to 20 different ones so that all these different keywords are getting attribution, and you’re not just putting all those sales through one keyword phrase.

Improve The Customer Experience & Make It Easier For Them To Buy

Another thing worth mentioning about Pixelfy is that it deep links them into the Amazon app since many people these days are using their phone for clicking links and opening emails and clicking ads and all that kind of stuff. Hence, the deep link allows them to stay within the Amazon app when they click on that link. 

This means that they’re going to be signed in, and their conversion potential will be a lot higher because they’re not going to have to re-sign in. Nobody remembers their login, so I recommend that you use Pixelfy when dealing with any kind of links, because at the very least, you’re deep linking them into the Amazon mobile app instead of into Chrome or Safari browser on their cell phone, which they’re not even signed into 

Focusing On Your Customer Q and A Section

Strategy number five is to focus on your customer Q and A section. Many sellers are neglecting and overlooking this, so they have two questions in there, which is not enough at all. You need to fill that out because Amazon is indexing your listing based on the keywords in that section.

Also, apart from SEO and keyword rankings, that will increase the conversion rate of your listing because if a shopper has a concern or a question in their head, they’re going to go to the customer Q and A section. If they get their situation addressed, they’re probably going to buy your product.

If you don’t have many customer Q and As, then their concern will not be addressed, and they will probably go to one of your competitors. I highly recommend putting more information and filling out your customer Q and A section for better conversion rate and keyword ranking.

Bonus Strategy: Creating A Focus Group 5 Amazon Marketing Strategies Every Amazon Seller Needs To Try In 2022

Here’s a bonus strategy for you: create a focus group where product testers use your product and give you feedback. If you want to launch a new product, I highly recommend making a focus group or product tester club. You can start by creating a landing page where people can opt-in.

It can be a Google Form type of page or you can go a little bit more professional and create a nice branded landing page. The landing page will say everything about how you’re going to be opting in to be a product tester, getting free products in exchange for your opinion.

You get them to sign up for your product tester club. Then once they’re in there, you can then send them your product and get their opinion and feedback on:

  • Size
  • Quality 
  • Material
  • Color

Avoid Negative Reviews – Here’s How

Here, you can keep yourself from getting negative reviews down the road because you bought all this inventory, sent it to Amazon, and then you found out that people didn’t like it or there were some factors that you could have fixed and avoided before you bought all that inventory if you would have just gone the route of getting some close feedback from people willing to give you their opinion.

I highly recommend getting a focus group together. If you have this group of people, you can also potentially do other slightly riskier things like running a rebate offer to them, where you get them to buy your product based on search keywords. Then you rebate on the back end, or you get them to buy your product without keywords. Then you ask them for a review down the road also, you can get them to give you pictures of them using your products.

Similar to user-generated content, you can put these photos, maybe even get a video out of them if you pay them for it, give them a gift card, post those review videos on your landing page, as well as those user-generated photos on your landing page, or potentially on your listing. The more photos and videos you can get of people using your product, the more trust, and credibility that’s going to build with your shoppers.

Final Reminders And Parting Words

Those are all the strategies that I have for you right now. Test out some of these, especially in 2022. This year is a different game now. 

Amazon is more saturated with a ton more sellers, and there are many more people bidding on PPC keywords, so you’re going to be paying a lot more for PPC. Don’t go where everybody’s going, do some off Amazon Marketing strategies.

Invest more into photos and video, beef up the content on your listing, post content through Amazon posts, and get your conversion rate on your listing a lot higher. If you are paying more for PPC, well, at least you know your listing is now converting a lot higher. Maybe you’re getting some more of your customer data so that you can market to them off Amazon through emails or ads.

That’s all for the 5 Amazon Marketing strategies every Amazon seller needs to try in 2022. See you in the next article.