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Are you an Amazon seller? Do you want to sell more? If you answered yes to both questions, keep reading. In this blog post, I’ll outline three (3) proven Amazon marketing strategies for boosting your conversion rates in 2022. These strategies will considerably enhance your marketing on Amazon. They are easy to get started on. You can do it yourself or get a professional to take it up a step further if you need to.

Before we jump in, my name is Ian Smith, and I run an Amazon Marketing Agency called Evolve Media.

What We Do At Evolve Media

We help Amazon sellers optimize their Amazon listings with photos, videos, copywriting and get their listings converting as high as possible. We do product photoshoots, video shoots, and overall marketing both on and off Amazon; running Email Marketing campaigns, Google Ad campaigns, getting Amazon data and Instagram user data, and then marketing directly to potential customers. If any of that sounds appealing to you and you want to book a free consulting call with us, then head over to If you, however, want to optimize your Amazon listing on your own, we’ve got a great Amazon listing checklist for you at We broke down all the different sections on an Amazon listing page and created different sales strategies for each. You can check off as you implement the different sales strategies.

Let’s go ahead and jump into the three (3) Amazon marketing strategies for boosting conversion rates in 2022.

3 Proven Amazon Marketing Strategies For Boosting Conversion Rates In 2022

1. Get More Customer Questions And Answers

The first is increasing the number of Questions and Answers (Q&As) on your listings. If your listing has anywhere between ten (10) and fifteen (15) Q&As, it’s simply not enough. Q&As help you sell without having to do much. You can add an appreciable amount of sales copy to your listings by answering questions that people are asking alone. The cool thing about this section is that you can answer a question with a video. Using videos instead of text gives you more brand face time, gives you social proof, and helps you pass across more information.

Use your Q&A section to address customer complaints or concerns people may have about your brand or listings. If you’re selling apparel and your shirts fit a little smaller than the regular, put that in your customer Q&A section, as well as other parts like your EBC area. Being upfront and on top of customer complaints and issues will significantly help your product return rate.  

If you don’t have that many questions from your customers to start with, write questions for them. Look at your competitors, see how many Q&As they have, try to be competitive, and have just as many. You are likely to get ideas from their listings if you can’t think of anything yourself. Look also, at their bad and good reviews and extract information for yourself. Generally, you shouldn’t have less than a hundred Q&As.

2. Get Brand Registered & Invest In Your A+ (EBC) Content.

Amazon sellers are mostly brand registered and have a storefront but don’t have their A+ (EBC) Content set up. That’s not going to cut it in 2022. You need to beef up your product photos and add more sales copy. If you want to take the easy route, reformat your product photos into a rectangle and put that in your A+ (EBC) Content area.

Creating & Managing Your Copy: I, however, recommend you put your sales copy both in your product photo area and your A+ (EBC) Content because not everyone will see everything. To prevent potential customers from only seeing selling points one and two in your product photos, then point three in your bullet points, and maybe point four to seven in your A+ (EBC) Content area, duplicate the same sales copy all over your listing.

Creating & Using Photo Content: When it comes to the actual photos, do not use stock photos or mock-ups. Don’t try to photoshop your product into a stock photo. Instead, get photoshoots of your products done yourself, or send your products to people (micro-influencers) that can take real-life photos of your products or stage them like a top-down shot. Get pictures of your product that shows everything included in the packaging. Where necessary, provide a scale in your photoshoots to show your potential customers how huge a product is.

Put all the essential information in your A+ (EBC) Content area. The more information you can give in your A+ (EBC) Content area, the better chances you have of selling your product.

3. Invest In Video Content

The last Amazon marketing strategy you should be implementing in 2022 to boost your conversion rates is to get more videos. Video content is a significant future investment that continually brings you sales and improves your conversion rate.

Most sellers lose out on this because of the initial investment because video content can be expensive sometimes. But at Evolve Media, we’re able to help sellers with very affordable videos. These videos can be selfie-style videos, testimonial videos, unboxing videos, instructional videos, etc. You can put them in the videos slider section, as a video review, or a sponsored video ad with Amazon PPC.

Use Videos Everywhere: I highly recommend investing in getting videos made because the more videos you have, the more sales you’re likely to make. Video content can help sell off Amazon and on Amazon. You can run TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn Ads with your video content. Think of your video assets like foot-soldiers, a part of your team that will market your product for many years to come. A video that costs you a couple or a few hundred dollars to make could bring in thousands of dollars in sales for you in the following years.

Which Video Content is Best? Arguably, the best type of video content to have is the testimonial or review video. It doesn’t matter if there are cons or negative testimonials or reviews among them. Negatives show that customer feedbacks are genuine, and people will trust them more. A good balance of pros and cons about the features and benefits of your listings is essential to build credibility.

Right, so these are the three Amazon marketing strategies for 2022 I have for you. Hopefully, you got value to optimize your Amazon listing from this blog post and are able to implement them. Thank you for reading.

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