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As an e-commerce seller, one of the most effective ways to boost your product’s visibility and drive more organic traffic on Amazon is through strategic search engine optimization (SEO). While optimizing your product listing with relevant keywords is well-known, many sellers often overlook the importance of backend keywords.

In this blog, we will delve into the world of Amazon e-commerce SEO and explore the significance of choosing powerful backend keywords. By understanding their impact and implementing the right strategies, you can unlock the potential to maximize your product’s discoverability and ultimately drive more sales on the world’s largest online marketplace. So, let’s dive in and uncover the secrets to effective backend keyword selection for Amazon e-commerce SEO.

Amazon E-commerce SEO

Strategies For Choosing The Right Backend Keywords

When it comes to choosing the right backend keywords for your Amazon listings, there are several strategies you can employ to elevate your e-commerce SEO.

1. Create a Comprehensive SEO Foundation

Before choosing backend keywords, make sure to optimize your product page. Pay attention to every on-page element, such as the title, bullet points, description, alt text, and EBC content. Ensure consistency, utilize character limits effectively, highlight unique attributes and important specifications, and tailor your messaging to your target audience. By combining compelling listing copy with high-quality, customer-focused images, you can appeal to both human shoppers and Amazon’s search algorithms.

2. Get Inside the Minds of Competitors

Spying on the competition reveals a goldmine of intelligence to inform your backend strategy. Study their titles, headlines, and backend search terms. Which keywords seem most effective? How are top performers positioned against one another? This competitive analysis spotlights high-performing keywords to consider that are demonstrably driving organic traffic.

3. Become Keyword Psychics

To maximize your visibility on Amazon, it’s important to carefully analyze keywords and focus on specific long-tail phrases that show strong buyer intent. Instead of targeting broad terms like “men’s watches,” prioritize longer phrases such as “solar-powered sport watches for serious trail runners.” Hence, by aiming for a high relevancy score of 90% or more, you signal to Amazon that your page is highly relevant to those specific searches, increasing your chances of prominent positioning.

4. Monitor Relevancy Score

Avoid adding unrelated keywords to your backend. Stay focused and selective when choosing keywords for your product. By prioritizing keywords that have clear and direct relevance, you can maintain high relevancy scores. Even if a keyword has a high search volume, including irrelevant terms can confuse both search engines and potential buyers, diluting the essence of your product.

5. Become Tech-Savvy with Keyword Research Tools

Fortunately, sellers have access to various third-party tools that can assist in finding valuable keywords. Tools like Helium10, SellerApp, and Sonar provide in-depth analysis of keyword competitiveness, search volume, seasonality, and other important factors. Furthermore, these tools empower sellers with valuable insights to strategically refine their backend keywords, allowing for a more informed approach to keyword research.

6. Iterate, Test, and Repeat

Just like a top athlete, small optimizations in Amazon SEO can lead to significant victories over time. Adopting a growth mindset and being open to continual fine-tuning is crucial. Regularly review and optimize your backend keywords using keyword tracker software to identify new opportunities. Test out new terms, monitor their impact, and retain the successful ones while quickly eliminating the underperforming ones. In addition, by making consistent and incremental improvements, your products can achieve success on Amazon.

The Key to Amazon E-commerce SEO Domination

Mastering the art of choosing the right backend keywords is key to achieving e-commerce SEO domination on Amazon. By implementing these strategies, you can position yourself for success and stand out from the competition in the ever-growing Amazon marketplace

Remember, Amazon is a powerful e-commerce search engine, and by strategically selecting backend keywords, you can improve your product’s chances of being discovered by the right audience. So, stay proactive in monitoring and adjusting your keyword strategy based on performance data to continually optimize your listings.

So go ahead, harness the power of backend keywords and unlock the door to e-commerce SEO domination on Amazon. Good luck on your journey to success! If you need more help scaling your Amazon business, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Evolve Media Agency. We’re here to help you boost your conversion rates and ramp up your Amazon sales. Check out our pricing portfolio and get a free listing audit by visiting Also, remember to grab your free Amazon listing checklist at our team is here to help.