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In today’s fiercely competitive e-commerce landscape, it is more important than ever to stand out from the crowd. With the power of A+ Content, you can captivate your target audience, double your Amazon sales, and deliver an unparalleled shopping experience.

In this blog, we’ll explore the world of A+ Content and share strategies to craft compelling product descriptions that double your Amazon sales. Whether you’re new to A+ Content or looking to level up your strategies, this post will equip you with the knowledge and techniques to unlock the full potential of Premium A+ Content. Get ready to increase visibility, improve rankings, and double your Amazon sales. Let’s dive in!

How To Double Your Amazon Sales With Premium A+ Content?

Meet the Base Criteria First

Double Your Amazon Sales

To qualify for Premium A+ Content on Amazon and maximize your sales potential, there are two key criteria to meet. First, ensure that the Brand Story feature is activated across all your listings. This is a prerequisite for eligibility. Secondly, within the past 12 months, aim for a minimum of 15 approved A+ submissions. These can be for the same product, allowing you to resubmit and refine until you reach the 15 benchmark. While it may require extra effort, the conversion payoff makes it worthwhile. Additionally, with eligibility refreshing weekly, you have more frequent opportunities to access premium A+ Content.

Craft Multi-Device Optimized Creative

To optimize your Amazon sales, it is crucial to create multi-device optimized creative for premium A+ Content. Ensure that separate images are uploaded for desktop and mobile, with dimensions of 1464 x 600 pixels for desktop and 600 x 450 pixels for mobile. This is to avoid distorted and fuzzy appearances. Investing in specialized creative upfront or with a designer, will enhance your chances of approval for the required 15 submissions. By crafting compelling and tailored content, you can maximize the impact of your A+ Content.

Choose Premium Modules Strategically  

To make the most of premium A+ Content on Amazon, it is crucial to strategically choose the modules that align with your goals. Comparison tables are ideal for showcasing a wider product line and cross-selling inventory, incorporating pricing, reviews, and “Add to Cart” buttons. For branding purposes, custom infographic-style images offer more control over messaging, while text/image combinations improve organic search visibility. If you want to feature video content, opt for video carousels and video/text modules to showcase multiple clips without overwhelming shoppers. By strategically selecting the right modules, you can achieve your desired outcomes on Amazon.

Consider Testing Two Versions

One effective strategy to optimize your A+ Content is to conduct split testing of two different versions of your content. Take advantage of the weekly premium eligibility refresh cycle to submit alternating versions with different modules, copies, images, and other elements. Moreover, monitor the performance of each version and let the statistics reveal which version consistently delivers better results week after week. Although it requires additional effort, this approach allows for continual optimization and ensures that you are consistently improving the performance of your A+ Content.

Include Lots of Keyword-Rich Content

Double Your Amazon Sales

With premium status, you have ample space to incorporate keyword-rich content for both SEO and conversions. Utilize this opportunity by strategically integrating top terms into your headlines, body text, and alt image descriptions. However, it is important to avoid randomly cramming in keywords. Instead, focus on crafting natural-sounding copy that targets relevant searcher demand and buyer keywords. Thus, the ultimate goal is to create an exceptional user experience that resonates with your audience.

Consider Some Pure Copy Modules Too

Premium A+ Content modules offer an opportunity to include keyword-rich copy that can benefit both SEO and conversion rates. Unlike text within graphic images, the copy entered directly into these modules is visible to search engine bots. Utilize options like 2 or 4-column text/image sections, hotspots with hover-activated text, and modules with open text fields to incorporate keywords effectively. Striking the right balance between visual elements and keyword-rich copy is crucial for optimizing your A+ Content and maximizing its impact on your product’s visibility and customer engagement.

Unleash the Power of Premium A+ Content

And there you have it, the essential strategies to tap into the magic of Premium A+ Content on Amazon. By meeting the necessary criteria, optimizing your creative for multiple devices, strategically selecting modules, conducting split testing, and incorporating keyword-rich content, you are well-equipped to skyrocket your Amazon sales. Embark on your journey towards enhanced visibility, and increased sales by delving into the realm of Premium A+ Content.

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