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The learning curve on Amazon can be very sharp for sellers who are new to the market. If you’re new on Amazon or have been selling for a while but haven’t found the success you wish, then keep reading. We will discuss in this blog post three (3) big mistakes many Amazon Sellers make that hurt their business and overall sales.

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We help Amazon sellers optimize their Amazon listings with photos, videos, copywriting, and get their listings converting as high as possible. We do product photoshoots, video shoots, and overall marketing both on and off Amazon; running Email Marketing and Google Ad campaigns. We can also get your Amazon data and Instagram user data, and then market directly to potential customers.

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Top 3 Mistakes Amazon Sellers Make on Amazon

If you will be successful on Amazon as a new seller or drastically improve your conversion rate as an existing seller, you need to avoid these three (3) mistakes.

1. Launching PPC Campaigns on Listings That Aren’t Optimized

The first mistake Amazon sellers make is splashing a lot of money on their Amazon PPC ads before they take the time to optimize their listings. Your listings should have great product photos, A+ (EBC) Content, rich keywords, titles and descriptions, bullet points, etc. It is essential to fully optimize your listing before launching your Amazon PPC ads or external campaigns. Driving traffic to a listing that isn’t optimized affects the performance of your ad and Return On Advertising Spend (ROAS).

Listing Example: Odorless Organically Grown Garlic
Mistakes Many Amazon Sellers Make | Odorless Organically Grown Garlic -Listing Area
Odorless Organically Grown Garlic – Listing Area

This product ranked position number two in the sponsored ads for the keyword phrase, “immune-boosting supplement.” This is a hot keyword phrase with a high keyword volume of about 1.7 million monthly searches. Ranking number two means they’re spending a lot of money. However, the images on their listing are basic: plain background images with little information about the product. The size of the product is seen in the fourth slide but without scale. Their EBC content is non-existent. For position number two, shoppers clicking on your ad should be pre-sold on your product from an optimized listing without having to do much.

2. Fewer Sales Copy in the A+ (EBC) Area

Within the EBC content area, another mistake a lot of sellers make is using only images. This approach is terrible because you miss the boat on boosting your SEO with keyword rankings. The text in your Amazon A+ (EBC) Content is well-indexed and contributes to your keyword ranking on Amazon. Keywords on pictures don’t count because they aren’t text, and Amazon’s algorithm cannot recognize them. You can use alt text to rank keywords for your images, but include the text copy in your A+ (EBC) Content area. A good balance of images that look great and a lot of sales copy stuffed with keywords is the ideal situation.

Listing Example: NaturesPlus Source of Life Liquid
Mistakes Many Amazon Sellers Make | NaturesPlus Source of Life Liquid - EBC Area
NaturesPlus Source of Life Liquid – EBC Area

Here’s another product that ranked for the same keyword phrase, “immune-boosting supplement.” Their EBC area is aesthetically pleasing, but it is predominantly images with very little text that is not keyword-rich. Using Seller.Tools Listing Quality Score (LQS) to rate the EBC content, we notice most of the images used in the EBC Content lack alt text or keywords. Pictures that had alt text had only a few keywords ranked by Amazon. If you’re not adding raw text, you should at least use alt text to stuff keywords in your images.

Listing Example: Immune Support Supplement with Vitamin C
Mistakes Many Amazon Sellers Make | Immune Support Supplement with Vitamin C - EBC Area
Immune Support Supplement with Vitamin C – EBC Area

This listing, also ranking for the same keyword, is doing it pretty right. Their product ratings are proof of it. In the A+ (EBC) Content area, they have a big old image with a lot of text. Amazon can see that and index their listing for the keywords they stuff in their copy. Though most of their images are subpar, regular stock photos, they do an excellent job with the text (sales copy and keyword stuffing) in their EBC area. Quick side tip: always use real-life pictures of your products in your EBC area. Real-life pictures do better than stock photos and photoshopped images.

3. Untapped Brand Registry Features

The third common mistake many Amazon sellers make is not taking advantage of the features that being brand-registered offers them. If you are a brand registered Amazon seller, there are two essential features you need to exploit: building out your storefront and using Amazon posts.

Amazon Posts offer free exposure to your brand and listings on the Amazon platform. It works as a social platform and is available to mobile users. Very few posts show up on the desktop, depending on your Amazon app version. Amazon posts show in your storefront, on your listings, and on similar products listings. It gives you exposure across the Amazon platform.

Amazon storefront is another essential feature to take advantage of if you’re brand registered. You can build a brand with your storefront, have categories for all your products, and cross-sell to shoppers who visit your storefront. Storefronts allow you to add product images and videos. It’s a feature that helps your organic rankings both on Amazon and external search engines like Google. It also helps you with more discoverability, especially if you’re combining it with Amazon posts. Do not miss out on this.

If you need help getting a storefront built out, reach out to us at My team and I would be happy to help you sort this out. You can also book a free consulting call with us to discuss the details before we get started.

Listing Example: Immune Support Supplement with Immunity Vitamins
Mistakes Many Amazon Sellers Make | Immune Support Supplement with Immunity Vitamins - Listing Area
Immune Support Supplement with Immunity Vitamins – Listing Area

This listing also ranked for the keyword phrase, “immune-boosting supplement.” Generally, they are doing a great job with their Amazon listing; they have good pictures, a coupon, and an EBC area built out with good sales copy and images. We can tell they’re brand-registered because they have an EBC content area. But you click on their brand name, and it just links you to the search results. They do not have a storefront built out. When shoppers click on your brand name and get dropped in the search results, the chances of buying from you are now minimal. They may start exploring the other competition and options presented to them, and you might have just lost them.

If you’re not brand registered, get brand registered, get your EBC content built out, put some copy and great keyword words and phrases into your EBC area, and don’t start splashing money on Amazon PPC ads until you have this groundwork and foundation set up.

Hopefully, this was helpful. Take some action and make those changes. If you need help implementing any of these ideas, my team and I would love to help you. Visit to book a free consulting call with us or learn more about our services. Thanks for reading!